Brett Morris is the CEO of Nahana Communications Group.
In 2014 Brett was appointed Group Chief Executive and has since been voted by his peers as most admired agency leader in Johannesburg for five years in a row and three times across South Africa.
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#BizTrends2021: Creativity and technology, the best of both in 2021

Whenever it comes to discussions around digital media, I sometimes feel like I'm coming across as a bit of a Luddite. So, it's important to state at the outset that I think technology plays a significant role in advertising media and it has the potential to add exponential value...

By Brett Morris 6 Jan 2021

#BizTrends2019: Creativity is the currency of the future

I never like to weigh in on trends or predictions because, among many other reasons I've given before, human beings are generally awful at predicting the future...

By Brett Morris 25 Jan 2019

#BizTrends2018: Storytelling has to sit at the core of it all

90% of all internet traffic will be video based in 2019: there's absolutely no doubt that the way brands communicate will have to cater for an insatiable need for agile, high-quality video content...

By Brett Morris 8 Jan 2018

[Trends 2015] Create work that moves people

There are shifts in the industry - this is the era of disposable content and a demand for high-value content - the challenge is to still create the emotional work that moves people, says Brett Morris, CEO of FCB South Africa...

By Brett Morris 2 Feb 2015

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