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Cutting through the highway helter-Skelter

Skelter's Straight is the latest addition to Wideopen Platform's high impact outdoor advertising site. Motorists travelling along the William Nicol can't miss the massive 425m2 advertising strip for the alcoholic brand. The vibrant red creative projects a 7m dye cut Skelters bottle which appears to be ripping itself out the banner, blazing a trail of water and ice in its wake. "Thanks to Wideopen's technical expertise, we were able to produce the huge 3D bottle cut out which ensures brand awareness for the next six months to be immediate and dramatic," says Caryn Cohen, Wideopen CEO. SAB's latest offering is made with pearl malt and positioned within the highly competitive flavoured alcoholic cooler segment. The new brand has 6% alcohol volume and is targeted at both female and male consumers, with a specific profile of 18 - 34 years.
Source: ActivRetail

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