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#LetsTalkDigital: The Data Revolution - Single customer view with Kelvin Jonck

In this week's episode Let's Talk Digital host Audrey Naidoo chats to Kelvin Jonck, CEO of YouKnow Digital on the topic of The Data Revolution.
#LetsTalkDigital: The Data Revolution - Single customer view with Kelvin Jonck

Kelvin Jonck, CEO of YOUKNOW Digital, is this weeks guest and the topic for conversation is The Data Revolution. We are all on a data maturity journey and brands need to be thinking about the transaction value exchange with customers.

What is the value of data? How can data be unified to drive intelligent decision making and what technology is being used to collect, unify and action the different data points. Why is it important now in 2022? (customer journey orchestration, messy middle, non-linear, transparency) Know Your Customer Journey.

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Audrey Naidoo is head digital marketing at Absa. A digital activist, podcaster, influencer, public speaker & and members of various professional bodies: IAB Brand Council member, MMA, CMO Advisory Council for Africa & MASA. Naidoo owns a podcast called LetsTalkDigital which aims to educate, share and open up digital conversations in the industry. Naidoo is a professional marketer with extensive experience in the broader digital ecosystem with a focus on commercialisation, data, tech, analytics, creative, strategy and digital marketing transformation.Tyran De Beer is the creative producer for Let’s Talk Digital. A jack of all things digital and technical, aspiring to master marketing and finance trades. His passion lies in data, analytics, tech and measurement. He is the digital consultant at Absa and is responsible for driving the commercialisation of digital efforts across the enterprise. Previous experience has been on the agency side with a focus on media strategy, performance and ROI with a strong inclination to Google Ads.

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