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Colour revolutionising the print market

Itec (formerly Konica SA), distributors of the Konica Minolta brand in South Africa, have made significant inroads into the local colour laser printer market following the merge of Japanese companies, Konica and Minolta.

"The way forward for the print industry is through the product enhancements and declining costs of colour printers. Improved print quality, speed and output capabilities, connectivity and the ability to integrate with additional devices over and above the standard computer networks and PC's, as well as improved reliability, have created a huge market demand for colour products in the office," says Jacques Duyver, CEO, Itec.

In light of this, Itec has teamed up with Colour Corporate, the number one distributor of colour products in South Africa, to distribute the Konica Minolta colour range.

"Colour Corporate's extensive expertise in the colour market coupled with Itec's successful infrastructure and reputation as the fastest growing document solutions company in South Africa, are the perfect match for the revolutionary products currently being developed by Konica Minolta," added Duyver. "Itec have also commissioned the expertise of Holger Groenert a colour expert from Konica Minolta Europe, who has recently joined the Itec team in South Africa."

The Konica Minolta colour laser brand 'magicolor' (launched in 1994) was the first desktop colour laser printer in the world. The quality of print produced on the Konica Minolta colour laser printers is achieved largely through the developments in the optical systems used in the printers and the use of new advanced polymerised toner. Unlike traditional colour lasers, there is no longer a need for silicone oil in a machine to ensure the toner does not damage parts. The new toner is finer and fuses onto the paper at a lower temperature, resulting in reduced power consumption. The advanced toner also has better fusing characteristics, which allows it to adhere more successfully to paper and also reduces deterioration on the working parts of the printer.

Itec have also recently embarked on a major marketing campaign incorporating print, TV, radio, billboards and street posters. The campaign is as a result of a complete corporate makeover including a company name change (Itec was formerly known as Konica SA).

Document solutions companies have traditionally used blue and white as their corporate colours, in order to differentiate themselves and to reflect a vibrant, unique personality for the company, Itec settled on orange. Utilising the pay-off line 'quality people, smart solutions' and an icon which depicts this graphically, the focus is on establishing brand recognition and driving home the message that Itec provides total document solutions packages, backed up by excellent service.

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