D&AD releases Regional Rankings and announces Network of the Year

D&AD has released the final results for the 57th D&AD Awards which sees DDB Worldwide recognised as D&AD Network of the Year 2019.
Image from D&AD Facebook page.

The final results for the 57th D&AD Awards have today been unveiled, where DDB Worldwide has been announced as D&AD Network of the Year 2019 and Europe confirmed as the top ranking region.

D&AD Awards 2019: ALL winners announced!

The 57th D&AD Professional Awards Ceremony took place last night (23 May) in London, where six Black Pencils - the highest accolade in the creative industry - were awarded. We list the South African companies that were honoured on the night and walked away with a total of 15 Pencils...

24 May 2019

The D&AD top ranking Networks include:
  1. DDB Worldwide - D&AD Network of the Year
  2. BBDO Worldwide
  3. McCann
  4. Ogilvy
  5. TBWA\Worldwide

The D&AD Awards 2019 Regional Rankings are as follows:
  1. Europe
  2. North America
  3. Asia
  4. South America
  5. Oceania
  6. Africa

D&AD Awards highlights and celebrates creative excellence, annually inviting more than 250 of the world’s greatest creative practitioners to judge the year’s finest work.

The D&AD Pencil is regarded as one of the creative industry’s highest accolades with juries only selecting work they believe is truly exceptional.

This, plus the fact that there are no quotas for awards at D&AD, means the number of awarded entries fluctuates year to year. In some years, no Black Pencils - reserved for work that is groundbreaking within its field - are awarded; the record currently stands at just seven.

In total, 718 Pencils were awarded at D&AD Awards 2019. The number of Pencils awarded by level and number of entries that were shortlisted, are as follows:

  • Black Pencil - 6 Pencils (2 Advertising, 2 Design, 2 Craft)
  • Yellow Pencil - 58 Pencils
  • Graphite Pencil - 195 Pencils
  • Wood Pencil - 459 Pencils
  • Shortlisted - 889

New for 2019, the D&AD Awards Shortlist was introduced this year in order to acknowledge the volume of high calibre submissions that, even if they didn’t win a Pencil, were in close consideration.

D&AD CEO Tim Lindsay commented:
It has been another outstanding year for global creativity, and after careful calculations, we are proud to be able to recognise the networks and regions who have collectively delivered the most outstanding creative work from the past year. I can confidently say that the work we have seen over this year’s D&AD Awards has been an inspiration that will prove to be an invaluable resource for creatives worldwide within this year’s Annual.
Winning work will be displayed at exhibitions globally over the following year and featured in the D&AD Annual and online archive – the definitive guide for creatives all around the world.
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