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#YouthMonth: The youth can smell inauthenticity from a mile away

At 24, Mamohau Seseane is one of the youngest radio presenters at Cape Town radio station Kfm 94.5. She hosts the Saturday night Bloc Party Show from 6-9pm, as well as Kfm Sunday Love Songs from 7-10pm and says her career centres around engaging with people and helping to make them feel something, think about something, change something and do something.
Radio personality, Mamohau Seseane.
Radio personality, Mamohau Seseane.

Seseane grew up in Benoni on the East Rand of Johannesburg and believes that there must be something in the water of the little town for it has produced many well-known South African figures in various industries - Charlize Theron, Princess Charlene of Monaco, DJ Euphonik, Nomuzi Mabena, Lira, burial place of Oliver Tambo, etc.

“I speak to thousands of people that I can't see through the powerful medium that is radio and use my voice as a dynamic tool to create voice-overs,” she tells us. But when she's not behind the mic, she does that through TV commercials, engaging audiences as a master of ceremonies and event host, or she uses her performance skills as a lifestyle and talent model. "Each day is completely different for me and I wouldn't have it any other way,” she says.

Here, Seseane also talks to us about the future of radio, how young voices can make a change in the industry and what brands need to keep in mind when marketing to the youth.

BizcommunityWhat drives you and what are some of the things that you are passionate about?

I am driven by this inalienable desire I have to connect with people. We each have a fire and passion burning inside of us, and this is mine. We go about our lives with so many filters, so I love creating and being part of spaces that get behind them. That connects with my other key passions: women empowerment, creating a better world and inspiring others. I think that's something we should aim to do in whatever industry we may find ourselves in.

BizcommunitySo true. What do you think the industry can improve on and how can young voices help bring this change about?

I think across the board, there can always be an improvement in management decisions, especially when it comes to cultivating and nurturing the greatness of talent.

I think young people should not be afraid to take up space and know that our thoughts, ideas and observations are valid. Imposter syndrome can be so real when entering an industry as a fresh new talent. Knowing that you have the potential and capability to bring about change is a key starting point.

BizcommunityWhat does the future of radio look like?

We are definitely moving towards a space where we need to combine with and move into other spheres and modes of communication, connecting to what happens on air. Our lives are increasingly being influenced by the digital space, online mechanisms, social media, etc. and radio needs to, and is, adapting to that.

If the new voices we are hearing and those wishing to enter the industry are anything to go by, then, oh, it is so bright! I am so excited for what is to come. This keeps me motivated to do my best and work to add value to our listeners, the number one priority.

BizcommunityWhy do you think it’s important for brands to support and collaborate particularly with young creatives?

Without labouring the saying, the reality is that the youth is the future. Young creatives are connecting so much, garner a lot of engagement, and know and understand the current landscape and target audiences. As a brand, supporting a young person is supporting the creation of something new, fresh and innovative. The world is changing; so should they.

BizcommunityWhat do you think is key for brands to keep in mind when marketing to the youth?

My friends and I always joke that it really helps if brands pretend that they are not doing it for financial gain, but I think it's so true!
Understand your audience and reach out to those who do. Brands need to speak to the right people in the right tone, and it needs to make sense, especially in terms of influencer marketing. It's the experience you offer that makes a difference and will draw people to you. The youth can smell inauthenticity from a mile away.

BizcommunityWho are some of your role models?

I have so many! The common factor is that they are individuals with the courage to be themselves, live in their truth, and slay the game. However, my number one must be my mother. She is a single mother who has consistently, zealously and gracefully overcome insurmountable challenges to grant me the best opportunities. If I could be even half the woman she is, I will have achieved something great.

BizcommunityWhat advice would you like to convey to all the newbies trying to crack into the industry?

I already have so much that I have learned in my few radio years. The most important ones would be to have a plan and get a mentor. Invest in yourself and your career; don't wait for someone to hand you an opportunity or make your career decisions for you. When entering the space, I think it's so important never to take for granted the opportunity you have to speak to and engage with thousands of people every single time you are on-air. Use it wisely. Be creative. Be you.

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