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[Trends 2015] A new breed of advertising creative needed

"Many moons ago, advertising was fun."
A look into the future demands a look into the past. Many moons ago advertising was fun, agencies provided serious strategic input and media planning, they received 16.5% commission, made money and were respected for their knowledge, creative skills and traditional media expertise.

Today, ad agencies no longer provide media plans, they've lost their edge on strategic input, they have lots of pressure to be more effective and to provide measurable results and they have largely been reduced to suppliers of creativity. There's huge pressure on the bottom line and they have to deal with new technology in a media fragmented world.

They face more demanding clients with a new breed of consumers, lower budgets for classical media advertising and a changing legal and self-regulation scene. Just think of the possible impact on clients and ad agencies with a ban on alcohol advertising and foodstuffs...

The economy is under severe pressure, there are few job opportunities... but this is an industry that employs fewer, but better people.

What are employers looking for? Graduates with a sound knowledge and skills foundation, passion, that drive to make a difference, hard working, dedicated young talent that will be an asset to the employer. And new technology (digital) skills.

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About Dr. Ludi Koekemoer

Dr. Ludi Koekemoer's illustrious career spans over three large advertising agencies. He has held roles in academia at four institutions of higher learning including as a professor of marketing, chairman of the department of business management and professor of strategic management and CEO of advertising college. Most recently, Ludi developed and launched a unique MBA at Monash South Africa in 2016...

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