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Social TV a benchmark for success

Social television is taking the world over by storm and has resulted in production companies using it as a benchmark for the success of the productions.
According to Mashable “Social TV refers to technologies surrounding television that promote communication and social interaction related to program content.” We have witnessed hashtags associated with TV shows dominate our trend lists for quite some time now and it is safe to come to the assumption that it is a major player when popular productions are pitted against each other during prime viewing times.

Success through beating the competitor

Producers, directors, writers and other key production figures are now using this phenomenon to measure the success of their shows through hashtag ranking and sentiment expressed around the shows. In South Africa we witness social TV from the 7pm time slot when everyone is back from work right through to 10pm when everyone calls it a day so it is pretty powerful in its regard.

The show with a higher ranking at the end is generally perceived to have had a better day at the office and takes the crown while the cast or presenters plays a key role through actively participating while the show is being viewed.

As a form of earned media

Social TV shouldn’t be taken lightly because it is a form of earned media as a result of viewers liking, retweeting and sharing content around productions. People are generally curious and with every share on their timeline the more their minds are stimulated till curiosity gets the better of them and as a result they will tune in as well to witness the entire hullabaloo.

Measuring social TV

Sentiment around social TV can be measured in order for production houses to create more compelling content for their intended audience as they seek to beat their timeslot rivals and increase viewership.

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