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#Loeries2019: Google SA's head of Creative Agencies on the new YouTube category

The Loeries and YouTube recently introduced the YouTube Advertising category within Digital Communication.

The new category recognises creative excellence on the YouTube platform, for advertisers and agencies creating ads for YouTube or creating YouTube cuts of ads.

Image source: Gallo/Getty
Image source: Gallo/Getty

Bumper ads (six-second non-skippable ads) and skippable ads (minimum seven seconds, maximum any length video) will be eligible.

To qualify for entry, ads need to have been flighted within the Loeries stated entry dates. Advertisers and agencies can enter a single entry, comprising a bumper ad or multiple bumper ads (e.g. a series of bumper ads that together tell a story), or a campaign entry featuring at minimum one skippable TrueView advert (minimum seven seconds, maximum any length video advert) and a minimum of one bumper advert (six second non-skippable video advert).

For advertisers, this means there is a huge, addressable market that they can target with ads specifically tailored to take advantage of digital video platforms like YouTube, and the benefits they offer,” says Google SA head of Creative Agencies Artwell Nwaila. “These benefits include the ability to use ad formats to tell creative stories, make ads as long or as short as advertisers like, take viewers along a journey and drive key actions beyond just the view.”

Here, Nwaila goes on to tell us more about the reason for adding a YouTube category and what they’re looking for in this year’s winning work…

BizcommunityWhy did the team at Google SA decide to add a YouTube category to the Loeries this year?
The consumer viewing landscape is rapidly evolving. Video is no longer just about TV, it’s about online platforms like YouTube as well. Our data shows that people watch ads on TV as well as on YouTube, and advertisers are starting to create ads specifically for online platforms. As such, it makes sense that this should be recognised in industry awards like the Loeries.

BizcommunityWhy do you believe it’s time YouTube is included in the Loeries as a platform on which to recognise creative excellence?
The data shows us that more people are consuming content and are spending longer periods on YouTube. The change in viewer behaviour not only influences consumers, but it also influences the way in which advertisers communicate. Therefore, it is important to highlight and acknowledge creative excellence on the platform.

BizcommunityWhat would you say to encourage advertisers and agencies to enter?
YouTube is a playground for creatives to experiment with different ways of serving video, e.g. sequential storytelling. For the first time, clients and creatives will be recognised for pushing the boundaries on South Africa’s biggest video platform.

BizcommunityWhat are you looking for? What do you expect will make the winning work stand out?
The YouTube category follows the same specifications as other Loeries categories. Is the work well crafted? Is it conceptually brilliant? Does it break away from stereotypes? Does it challenge the norm? And, lastly, does it embrace culture?

BizcommunityWhat are you most looking forward to with regards to your involvement in the Loeries (and/or the Loeries in general) this year?
We’re looking forward to welcoming our very own Tara McKenty to the Loeries as the jury president of the digital category this year. Tara is the creative lead at Google’s Brand Studio in Sydney and is a co-founder of Rare, a programme developed with D&AD to address the lack of diversity across the advertising industry. Tara is also our creative seminar speaker and she’ll be sharing some of her experiences with the audience.

Another key highlight will be to see who wins the very first YouTube award and seeing all the great work from across our region.

Enter your work at The entry deadline has been extended to 31 May.

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