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5 reasons why managed WordPress Hosting is ideal for your WordPress website

Managed WordPress Hosting offers many advantages for businesses looking to optimise their WordPress websites. Regardless of the complexity or size of your website, the choice of hosting provider can significantly affect its functionality. Tailor-made hosting designed specifically for WordPress websites always provides the best results. In this article, we will explore the top reasons as to why.
5 reasons why managed WordPress Hosting is ideal for your WordPress website

But first, let’s look at exactly what WordPress is.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a widely used free Content Management System (CMS) platform that supports open-source plugin development. With thousands of available plugins, it enables the creation of diverse and innovative websites. In fact, over one-third of all websites worldwide are built on this platform.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress Hosting is a hosting solution customised to enhance the security, speed and flexibility of WordPress websites. By adding “managed” to the mix, businesses can enjoy hassle-free hosting, leaving the technical aspects to expert providers and freeing up valuable resources without the need for an in-house IT expert.

Why use Managed WordPress Hosting for your WordPress website:

Reason 1: WordPress Hosts are experts in WordPress

A hosting provider that offers Managed WordPress Hosting, is a specialist that does due diligence and invests in server hardware and software that is specifically configured to meet the unique requirements of WordPress users. They also offer tailored support networks to address all WordPress-related needs, ensuring best performance and customer satisfaction.

Reason 2: Managed WordPress Hosting offers advanced features and services

WordPress website management is far more simplified for business owners and developers when using Managed WordPress Hosting, as it provides advanced features and services, such as 1-Click-Installs and automatic plugin updates, that helps them to streamline operations. With a managed solution, businesses no longer need to have their own WordPress tech specialist, as the hosting provider takes care of everything.

Reason 3: Enhanced security features are delivered with Managed WordPress Hosting.

Robust, built-in, security enhancements, from hardware and software protections to advanced password enforcement, malware scanning, and daily backups, are all security aspects that are meticulously handled by Managed WordPress Hosting. Automatic plugin updates further mitigate the risk of outdated plugins which can make a website vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Reason 4: Ensure improved speed, performance, and uptime with Managed WordPress Hosting

By utilising high-performance servers, WordPress hosts offer a seamless hosting experience, resulting in enhanced user experience and increased website reliability. Therefore, hosts providing Managed WordPress Hosting solutions ensure that their clients’ WordPress websites’ speed, performance, and uptime will be significantly boosted.

Reason 5: Managed WordPress Hosting reduces reliance on plugins

The hosting provider assists in the responsibility of the site’s performance and provides support through the infrastructure, thereby minimising the need for additional plugins. Managed WordPress Hosting not only saves time but also helps reduce costs associated with plugin management related to improving functionality.

Key takeaways

  • WordPress Hosts are experts in setting up Managed WordPress environments by investing in specialised hardware and software to meet the needs of WordPress users. They offer tailored support and expertise.

  • Managed WordPress Hosting provides advanced features and services, simplifying website management and scalability. It includes convenient features like 1-Click-Installs and automatic plugin updates.

  • Next-level security with built-in enhancements, such as hardware and software protection, password enforcement, malware scanning, automatic plugin updates, security and daily backups are prioritised with Managed WordPress Hosting.

  • Managed WordPress Hosting significantly improves website speed, performance, and uptime by using high-performance servers for an optimised hosting experience.

  • Reliance on plugins for improved functionality is handled by Managed WordPress Hosting, saving time and money. The hosting provider takes care of the technical aspects, providing the necessary support and features to enhance your website. offers leading Managed WordPress Hosting packages in South Africa. Learn more about the features and what is included for free in our packages here. is a South African domain name and website hosting provider. Innovation, superior value-added business solutions and a dedication to quality and service set us aside from the competition.

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