Trends and technologies that will impact in 2019

In literally what feels like the blink of an eye, we're closing the books on 2018 and gearing up for what promises to be an incredible 2019...

By Brendan McAravey 1 day ago

#FairnessFirst: How to roll out effective digital transformation

"If you want something done right, do it yourself," seems to be the business mantra of companies that succeed on their journey of digital transformation, focusing on using tech to meet otherwise ignored human needs. Here's how your brand can improve on customer experience by following suit...

By Leigh Andrews 1 day ago

Bio-punks and the democratic DIY design of the human body

In August 2018 Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen caused a social media frenzy when the posted pictures of themselves sporting what appeared to be body-modification "jewellery" implanted in their necks and torsos on their respective social media feeds...

By Bronwyn Williams 14 Dec 2018

Technology socialises financial services

The financial services industry has long been seen as extremely traditional in its technology use, but that is not the case any longer...

14 Dec 2018

How AI-powered chatbots are unlocking business value

Since the term "AI" was first coined by cognitive scientist Richard McCarthy and his team in preparation for the 1956 Dartmouth AI Conference, machines that can demonstrate human-like intelligence have been...

By Rudeon Snell 14 Dec 2018

Smartphone sales growth stalls while panel TVs soar during Black Friday week 2018 - GfK data

Panel television sales soared in South Africa during Black Friday week, climbing by 66% to just over 93,000 units when compared to the same week in 2017...

Issued by GfK South Africa 13 Dec 2018

Smart cities. Is it wise to get smarter?

We are in an era of intelligent and urgent urban innovation...

By Simon McCullough 13 Dec 2018

Support SA's youth to launch their tech careers

Make 2019 count. Hire interns for your team and give SA's youth a boost into the tech sector...

Issued by The Loud Hailer 12 Dec 2018

Better connected staff could improve in-store customer experience

Two-thirds (66%) of retail store associates surveyed by Zebra Technologies Corporation believe that if they are equipped with tablets, they could provide better customer service and improve the shopping experience...

11 Dec 2018

Reflecting on the impact of AI on the workforce

During the Towards a Good AI Society Summit, the objective was to discuss the potential impact of AI on the workforce...

By Mario Romao 11 Dec 2018

Africa's Tech Revolution

According to Euromonitor's Africa Rising report, by 2030 Africa will have 16% of the world's internet users, which is a growth of 260% from 2017...

By raymond chimhandamba 10 Dec 2018

A sneak peek into AI's weird, wacky and wonderful consumer insights

Did you know that viewers of the American fantasy drama television series, Game of Thrones, are highly likely to be the same people who purchase sex toys online, particularly on a Monday?...

By Vian Chinner 7 Dec 2018

Tech that will shape the business landscape in 2019

The past few years have seen the technology landscape alter tremendously, with both consumers and professionals benefitting from continued innovation...

By Ronald Ravel 7 Dec 2018

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