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Established in 1853, Juta and Company (Pty) Ltd is South Africa's leading academic and law publisher trusted for quality academic, legal, professional and school publications in print and electronic format.
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Juta and Bowmans launch tax podcast series
Juta & Company and Bowmans are proud to announce the launch of Tax Matters – Let’s Talk Tax, a podcast series dedicated to engaging discussions on topical South African tax issues, led by Bowmans experts. From tax planning strategies to regulatory updates, the series promises to cover a wide spectrum of topics relevant to businesses navigating the complexities of taxation and the law, helping them to stay compliant and thrive. 14 May 2024 Read more

Introducing a podcast series sharing wisdom of some of South Africa's "legal luminaries"
Juta and Jacaranda FM are proud to announce the release of a pioneering podcast series sharing the rich insights and experiences of some of our respected legal minds who have contributed to shaping the jurisprudence of our contemporary legal landscape. 15 Aug 2023 Read more

Juta's 22nd Annual Labour Law Update - registration now open
Each year, South Africa's labour law shifts and evolves in interesting and complex ways. As labour law and HR practitioners, missing a change or misunderstanding the impact of a development could cost time, money or reputational harm. Juta's Annual Labour Law update, now in its 22nd year, promises an informative and engaging day in the company of renowned speakers as they deliver a practical analysis of current developments in the critical areas of labour law. 20 Jul 2023 Read more

Juta and Company acquires Siber Ink Legal Publications
Juta and Company (Pty) (Ltd) is pleased to announce the purchase of the Siber Ink imprint which delivers trusted authored content to a variety of legal and business information users. 6 Mar 2023 Read more

Brian Wafawarowa appointed new Juta CEO
The chairman and board of Juta and Company (Pty) (Ltd) are delighted to announce the appointment of Brian Wafawarowa as chief executive officer with effect from 1 January 2023. Brian has enjoyed a long and successful career in the publishing industry, including experience in the education, academic, trade, legal and professional and learning sectors. Having gained his foundational publishing experience at Juta, Brian went on to enjoy a varied and celebrated career before returning to Juta in 2019 as chief content and product officer. 15 Dec 2022 Read more

Juta and Company acquires MedicalBrief
Juta and Company is delighted to announce that it has recently acquired MedicalBrief, South Africa's leading, authoritative weekly digest of local and global medical matters. 8 Jul 2022 Read more

Trust South Africa's foremost experts to unpack the year's critical labour developments and equip you for the year ahead
South African labour law has undergone important developments during the past year, notwithstanding the impact and implications of the Covid-19 pandemic. Labour lawyers and HR practitioners who may have been unable to keep abreast of the latest judgments and legislation now have the chance to have them outlined and explained in simple terms by experts in the comfort of their homes or offices. 15 Feb 2022 Read more

Where to next? The case for crypto-asset regulation just got bigger
The alleged loss of some $3.6bn bitcoin through Africrypt investment company brings home just how risky this asset class truly is. Such incredible loss, though unfortunately not yet falling under the FSCA's direct responsibility is likely to impact the velocity of crypto-asset regulatory development. 3 Sep 2021 Read more

Data costs and online access high on list of obstacles to online learning from South African students
More than half of the participants of a survey who reported that their student experience had become worse, said online learning was significantly less effective than in-person teaching because of limited online resources and the software used for lecturing. 10 Aug 2021 Read more

Juta & Co.'s Kamal Patel is inspired by the possibilities for our legal profession's future
Architect-turned-businessman Kamal Patel began his leadership career as a management consultant at Accenture, a global consulting firm, followed by an entrepreneurial venture in manufacturing where he was a founder and director. After making the transition into publishing as an executive at international media firm Thomson Reuters, he became CEO at Juta & Company - South Africa's leading legal and regulatory publisher - in 2018. 11 Jun 2021 Read more

Thomson Reuters and Juta announce strategic partnership to connect African lawyers to the world
Thomson Reuters and Juta & Co are proud to announce a partnership in Africa, that will see legal professionals being offered market-leading research technology. This is yet another step in both companies' digital evolutions. We are thrilled to offer African customers tech-enhanced resources to revolutionise their legal practice with the combination of Thomson Reuters' global resources and Juta's local expertise. 13 Apr 2021 Read more

Juta invites migrated NXT and Jutastat Evolve customers for a free training session until 31 March
Juta is pleased to inform you of the rollout of our new Jutastat Evolve legal research platform to subscribers, which replaces the Jutastat NXT platform. 2 Mar 2021 Read more

New trilingual African multidisciplinary tax journal to launch February 2021
Original, high-level and evidence-based multi-disciplinary research papers in all areas of taxation in Africa available as a print or digital publication. 18 Dec 2020 Read more

Juta reinvents itself and inspires possibilities in a digital world
South Africa's preeminent education, academic and legal information publishing house, Juta, is reinventing itself as the go-to provider of legal technology platforms, tools for lifelong learning and solutions to grow businesses under the banner of 'Inspiring Possibilities Together'. Under this impassioned theme, Juta looks to further perpetuate meaningful change in the lives of students; academics; the business and legal fraternity by highlighting its extensive digital presence that complements the publisher's vast library of subject matters. 19 Nov 2020 Read more

Juta's Annual Labour Law Update
Each year, South African labour law shifts and evolves in interesting and complex ways. For labour law and HR practitioners, missing a change or misunderstanding the impact of a development could cost time, money, or reputational harm. 10 Nov 2020 Read more

Changing the game: 5 strategies for future-fit learning and development practices in SA organisations*
Skills development is of crucial importance in SA, and its legislation stipulates that an employer must plan for organisational and individual learning and development as part of its human resource strategy. A learning and development (L&D) manager analyses the company's skills requirements, and plans, co-ordinates and reports on employee development. Future-fit L&D practices subscribe to five strategies that ensure continuous, optimal workforce development. 14 Feb 2019 Read more

The science of getting literacy right
What rigorous analysis and change theory tell us 5 Nov 2018 Read more

Jackie Carroll
When it comes to talking about the empowerment of women in the workplace, it's all too easy to quote the statistics at hand. They remind us that, on average, women earn between 60 and 75% less than their male counterparts globally and that, in South Africa, they hold only 28% of senior management positions. The numbers point to systemic patriarchy, naturalised discrimination and entrenched gender roles that have proven difficult to dislodge. 14 Aug 2018 Read more

Listening & Language Home Programme: Now published by Juta and Company
Juta and Company (Pty) Ltd is excited to announce that it has assumed responsibility for the publishing, sales and distribution of the Listening & Language Home Programme series previously published by Future Managers (Pty) Ltd. 29 Mar 2018 Read more

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