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  • Zara's latest store concept is coming to Cape Town
    Fashion retailer Zara is currently refurbishing and enlarging its flagship store at Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre in Cape Town in order to make it the brand's newest concept store in South Africa, offering a fully integrated experience with
  • The Radio Awards 2021 finalists
    The Radio Awards honours outstanding achievements across Campus, Community, Public Broadcast, and Commercial radio, setting benchmarks for all stations and professionals to strive towards. Finalists for the general categories have been announced.
  • Pick n Pay's exclusive lease agreements coming to an end
    Supermarkets that are privately-owned and controlled by historically disadvantaged persons (HDP) can immediately access letting space in all shopping centres where a Pick n Pay store has exclusivity provisions in its lease agreement.
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Company News
Customer service in the 4IR: What's changed?

Alan Yates, customer excellence lead at Roche Diagnostics, discusses the current customer landscape in terms of providing products and services to resellers...

By Alan Yates 4 Jun 2021

4 ways businesses can embrace digital transformation securely

Most organisations in business today understand the importance of digital transformation. The events of the past year or so, in particular, have accelerated it as an imperative, as organisations were forced to adapt to new, digital-first ways of doing things...

By Stergios Saltas 2 Jun 2021

4IR: Even with machines, humans will always be irreplaceable

Many think that the fourth industrial revolution is in the process of removing the human aspect of the working environment. This is not the case, and here's why...

By Insaaf Daniels 31 May 2021

A few things to consider before introducing coding and robotics to SA schools

As South Africa introduces coding and robotics in schools, there is a need to acknowledge the challenges that have been extensively researched in the teaching and learning of mathematics and science...

By Dr Benadette Aineamani 26 May 2021

AI is set to revolutionise the print industry

The explosion of digital media has had a major impact on how business is done and how consumers are engaged. It's perhaps not surprising then, that many might believe the future of printing is not that bright. However, they are mistaken.

By Greg Griffith 13 May 2021

Athlone primary school receives a 4IR Stream Lab, enabling coding and robotics learning

Silverlea Primary School in Athlone, Cape Town has received a 4IR Stream laboratory from the Sakhikamva Foundation and the Polyoak Packaging Group...

12 May 2021

The value of digital transformation for SMEs

Digital transformation refers to the overall change of organisational activities aimed at leveraging opportunities created by digital technologies and data. This requires companies to profoundly transform their business models, infrastructure, processes and culture...

12 May 2021

No, robots aren't really taking over the workplace

The introduction of robots and AI in science fiction books and films has given rise to a fear that machines will soon take over...

10 May 2021

Report examines how to build and implement a valuable digital twin

Digital twins are set to usher in a new and exciting digital era, with retail, manufacturing, and housing set to reap its benefits...

10 May 2021

AI, freedom of expression and the press

A free press or media has an important role to play in democracies as it is responsible for gathering and distributing the information that citizens use to decide how they are going to vote...

By Hanno Brink 3 May 2021

The potential for a digitised built environment sector

Before Covid-19 relegated most of society to the confines of their homes, the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) sought to bring digital transformation to the masses...

By Mondli Cele 28 Apr 2021

Can machine learning improve road safety and traffic management?

Sanral's Technical Innovation Hub (TIH) is currently exploring how machine learning can be used to improve road safety, reduce congestion and inform infrastructure development...

20 Apr 2021

How Covid-19 has heralded a new era of digital buildings

With the adoption of fourth industrial revolution (4IR) technologies in all aspects of our lives, it is no surprise that buildings are getting a lot 'smarter' too...

By Peter Malebye 14 Apr 2021

Demand surges for 4IR tech as 4,600 register for AI Expo Africa

AI Expo Africa is set to have its biggest edition this year as 4,600 delegates and several international and local sponsors have already registered to attend...

13 Apr 2021

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