Middle East, Turkey and Africa face up to 1.5 million attacks daily

Kaspersky Lab registered an 11% increase in malware infections, reaching an average of 1.5 million attacks per day...

14 hours ago

Are we making ourselves more vulnerable to cyber attacks in the workplace?

Some organisations still feel that by digitising their businesses, they will be exposing themselves to cyber threats...

By Brendan McAravey 14 Dec 2018

What's ahead for cyber security in 2019?

What lies ahead for companies, governments and individuals regarding cybersecurity in 2019?

By Brian Pinnock 13 Dec 2018

6 tips to prevent online fraud from sinking your business

The success of the recent Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend is testament to the opportunity offered by digital commerce. But local entrepreneurs should not underestimate the threat of online fraud...

By Brendon Williamson 12 Dec 2018

Support SA's youth to launch their tech careers

Make 2019 count. Hire interns for your team and give SA's youth a boost into the tech sector...

Issued by The Loud Hailer 12 Dec 2018

What's causing today's IT security gap?

What's stopping global businesses from protecting their assets despite significant investments in cybersecurity programmes?

By Simon Wilson 12 Dec 2018

4 Strategies to get your website security ready

Is it too obvious to say that website security is vitally important to small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)?

By Gary Stevens 11 Dec 2018

The inevitable convergence of physical and cybersecurity

It may not be immediately clear as to how, but physical and cybersecurity are converging...

By Sven Smit 6 Dec 2018

Cryptojacking: A hidden cost for your company

After gaining momentum in mid-2017, we have seen a worldwide boom of digital cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies have become synonymous with ransomware attacks...

6 Dec 2018

The burning platform for data security and compliance

"We have connected all of our lives - personal, professional and national - to the internet. That's where the bad guys will go because that's where our lives are, our money, our secrets"...

By Gavin Meyer 5 Dec 2018

E-book discusses the state of cyber security

Technology breakthroughs have revolutionised the way we do business and communicate across borders. With these technology developments, new threats have arisen...

5 Dec 2018

Adding threat intelligence to the security mix

Today's threat landscape is so complex and fast-paced, it is impossible to prevent every threat or attack...

By Simon Campbell-Young 26 Nov 2018

It's high time for dealing with spam and phishing

It's the silly season, and while most go shopping, cybercriminals go phishing...

26 Nov 2018

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