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Decades of disruption - technologies set to change our future

It's safe to say that the past 10 years of technology have been stratospheric in the disruption they've brought and the changes they've wrought...

By Howard Plaatjes 19 Feb 2021

Driving transformation in the food and beverage industry

The unforeseen disruption experienced in 2020 has prompted food and beverage producers to future proof their businesses as far as is possible. While uncertainty seems set to continue for some time...

By Phil Lewis 19 Feb 2021

Deriving value for safe, smart cities

The mobile revolution in Africa has had a powerful impact on job creation and community development. Now, off the back of this technological leap forward...

By Leona Mentz 16 Feb 2021

What is IT decentralisation and how is it changing the way we live?

Competing in the digital world has become paramount for large organisations. Companies are constantly seeking ways to remain relevant while still maintaining good business practices and their bottom line...

By Michelle Slabbert 5 Feb 2021

Local IoT startup signs global alliance agreement with Microsoft

Consumption Information Real Time (Cirt), a South African Internet of Things (IoT) startup, has recently entered into a multi-year strategic alliance with Microsoft...

26 Jan 2021

#BizTrends2021: Evolution of workforce skills demand - what the future holds

When reflecting on the fourth industrial revolution, a number of things immediately spring to mind - for example, IoT, AI, and robots. Regrettably, little attention is given to individual employees and workers in this emerging industrial world, unless one is discussing the concerns related to potential job losses...

By Lyndy van den Barselaar 14 Jan 2021

Robyn Peterson, CTO at CNN talks future of journalism in a tech-driven world

Robyn Peterson, chief technology officer at CNN chats about the evolution of the media landscape; the impact of technology on the consumption of news and the future of news journalism in a tech-driven world...

By Evan-Lee Courie 15 Dec 2020

How to drive competitive advantage with location-based intelligence

Digital transformation is not purely about technology; it is about driving improved customer experiences and enhancing operational capabilities...

By Gary Allemann 14 Dec 2020

#BestofBiz 2020: ICT

We've compiled our annual #BestofBiz 2020 lists across all our industries featuring our most popular articles, most-read contributors and brand press offices with the most views. Discover the most read content on Bizcommunity's IT & Telecommunications site over the past year below...

14 Dec 2020

3 things school IT teams should prioritise to prepare for our new digital future

Educational institutions and teachers themselves have come under pressure this year, as the pandemic has pushed them to pivot and adapt to a digital-only world. Moving forwards, schools and universities will be faced with a tricky challenge - caught between financial constraints and the need to future-proof and invest in their networks to support an influx of new technologies...

By Mandy Duncan 10 Dec 2020

How fibre to the home is redefining SA's property market

Fibre internet connectivity has joined sustainability in redefining the country's property market. New research reveals that it can add almost R80,000 to the price of the average home...

By Shane Chorley 7 Dec 2020

3 ways ERP helps manufacturers do more with less

A far cry from the niched, rigid manufacturing software of the 80's, today's cloud-based, highly flexible integrated solution is able to meet the evolving requirements of most manufacturing operations at speed...

By Anton Oosthuizen, Issued by QuickEasy Software 24 Nov 2020

Highlights from the sixth annual MTN Business IoT Conference and Developer Day

A major highlight from the conference was having Vint Cerf, who is considered as one of the fathers of the internet, provide valuable advice. Here are the interesting insights imparted by Cerf...

19 Nov 2020

Driving business results through technology

The major trend in collaboration tools and capabilities is to empower people to work anywhere and on any device...

30 Oct 2020

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