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South African artist Lulama Wolf talks global H&M Home collaboration

The inspired design work of Lulama 'Wolf' Mlambo, a talented young South African visual artist, is adorning the interiors of homes around the world thanks to a major global collaboration with retailer H&M.
Visual artist Lulama Wolf. Source: Supplied
Visual artist Lulama Wolf. Source: Supplied

She is one of two female creatives selected for the second instalment of H&M Home's For the Love of Art collection, a collaborative project that fuses the world of art and interiors.

The South African artist and Amber Vittoria, a US artist, poet and author, have woven their unique perspectives into two distinct product capsules that make up this year's For the Love of Art collection.

Source: Supplied
Source: Supplied

Lulama Wolf's homeware capsule features functional pieces in earthy hues and includes a rug, jacquard blanket, tufted cushion covers and hand-painted plates.

Inspired by the intersection of neo-expressionism and modern African art, and drawing on her provenance, the SA creative says she cherishes the opportunity to reach and impact more people across the globe through her art.

Source: Supplied
Source: Supplied
South African artist Lulama Wolf talks global H&M Home collaboration

In this interview with Bizcommunity, she discusses the H&M Home collaboration, her creative process, and the legacy she hopes to leave in her industry.

Huge congrats on your global collaboration with H&M Home. What does this partnership mean to you?

I was drawn into the multi-functionality of the project and the intention to introduce my unique perspective to a larger audience; that being my incredible Third World experiences.

What was the collaborative process like putting your For the Love of Art capsule together with H&M?

What I appreciated about this collaboration was that my perspective remained respected throughout the creative process because my intention was to simultaneously educate through the different mediums.

My paintings, though, go further into my history and allow a playing field for conversation and discussion. There are natural, expected differences in how they are presented, however, the enhancement in the intention remained true.

Could you share your inspiration behind the design of the pieces?

I wanted to introduce my practice and the intention of my practice, and show why vernacular design and concepts thrive in multifunctional environments.

My background influences my work as well because I’m from a country that forces one to search a little deeper; our history suggests a yearning for more and creates confidence in how I express myself in a contemporary world.

As a visual artist, would you say that particular themes are present throughout your collective body of work?

At the moment, I am focusing on using the earth, as a matter of confronting the themes in my work. I am constantly evolving and in that I emulate what the earth offers in its evolution.

What are the qualities you look for in the brands you choose to partner with?

I look for partnerships and relationships that authentically see me, there are people behind the brands and I like to work with people that care.

At what point in your life did you notice you had an affinity for design, and what convinced you to pursue it as a career?

I am multidimensional in the things I like, I’ve always loved surrounding myself with beauty and creating beauty for myself.

How do you get your creative juices flowing when it feels like they're running a little dry?

I live intentionally.

What change would you like to see in the creative industry?

The pace at which visible or invisible gatekeepers regulate the path to being successful. I'd like to have more certainty in how creatives are protected and how they can expand their intellectual property without the fear of losing their identity.

What legacy would you like to leave in your industry?

I want to leave a legacy that serves as a compass because I don’t believe in the erasure of any kind. It would make my contribution worth knowing that someone like me existed and there is lasting proof of how I existed. And I have something tangible and intangible to prove it.

The For the Love of Art collection is available in the H&M Home store in Sandton City and globally in selected stores and online at

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