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Shark Tank's Mark Cuban invests in South African shoe brand

South African footwear brand, Veldskoen, has caught the attention of American businessman Mark Cuban, best known for his appearances on Shark Tank and as the owner of basketball team Dallas Mavericks.

Following its success in its native country of South Africa, Veldskoen has attracted international attention and investment as it expands business North of the Equator into the US, Europe and the UK. Cuban and his partners are amongst those backing the expansion.

The Veldskoen brand has taken and re-imagined the iconic design after which it's named. "The shoes are legendary – worn for some of the most extraordinary journeys in human and African history, they then led to the creation of the desert boot category as we know it today. The stories that have been both written and told about the shoes and those who have worn them are ones that exude passion, optimism, and perseverance," the company says in a statement.

Cuban is the first major international investor to see the brand's potential and has paved the way for their entry into the US. According to Veldskoen, there has already been a positive reception both in the States and in the UK, and the brand is now beginning to ramp up its international operations.

Local startup takes Veldskoen from SA to the world

Cape Town e-commerce startup, Dorp (Digital Online Retail Products), has launched its reimagined version of the classic South African Veldskoen leather walking shoe in the UK and Europe...

22 Jun 2018

Veldskoen is the first product released by DORP (Digital Online Retail Products and Platform), an e-commerce-driven and audience building incubator. Founders Ross Zondagh, Nic Latouf and Nick Dreyer say they're are excited about the new partnership and to witness the brand grow.

Since Veldskoen's migration beyond South Africa's borders, its shoes have been spotted being worn by the likes of Prince Harry and Westworld star Thandie Newton.
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