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Be a part of the rhythm of the nation

The International Marketing Council of South Africa has launched a new advert as part of its Brand South Africa campaign and the celebrations of the country's 10 years of freedom.

This is a continuation of the national pride campaign that was launched in May 2003. The new television advert encourages South Africans to 'be a part of the rhythm of our nation', and to believe in the country's possibilities.

Yvonne Johnston, Chief Executive Officer of the International Marketing Council, the organisation behind the Brand South Africa campaign, comments, "We want to unite the nation in one action - drumming to the same rhythm. This will be a visible manifestation of our unity and our belief in South Africa, which is vital to the country's success. The campaign, on TV and radio, will teach South Africans the rhythm and call on them to beat it at all appropriate moments going forward. On 27 April at the presidential inauguration, can you imagine the power of 30 000 people all drumming the same drumbeat? Hopefully joined by all of the South Africans who can't physically be at the Union Buildings, but drumming the rhythm wherever they are.

"2004 marks a milestone in South Africa's history as we celebrate 10 years of freedom. Since 1994, South Africa has achieved so many extraordinary successes and many South Africans have had a role to play in helping the country to accomplish this. Through this new campaign, we aim to encourage South Africans to celebrate the role they have played during these 10 years of freedom, and to dream about, and commit themselves to, creating an even more successful country in the future. This is such an exciting time for South Africans, as the rest of the world focuses on and reviews our achievements. This year, in our tenth year of freedom, we have the opportunity to unite as a nation and to show the world that South Africa truly is Alive with Possibility."

The television advert features South Africans of all persuasions going about their daily work, creating the 'rhythm of the nation'. Conductor of the 'orchestra', Tlotlego Tsagae, born on 27 April 1994, Freedom Day, is our future - she represents South Africa, 10 years into freedom. Her orchestra is the nation, aligned and unified, joined together, drumming the same rhythm. The radio campaign supports the television advert, by telling the stories of ordinary South Africans who have achieved extraordinary things, and, in so doing, have contributed to the country's success. Separate communication will teach the rhythm so that we can all join in!

"The value of creating "Brand South Africa" is that, as the country's image and awareness improves internationally, we will increasingly be seen in a positive light by the rest of the world. We will attract tourists and investment, which, in turn, leads to job creation - critical for any developing country. For the rest of the world to believe in us though, it is essential that South Africans themselves believe in the country first and demonstrate this in a co-ordinated and aligned manner. This advert is therefore an important call to action, a reminder that we are all part of a greater whole, existing and growing together. Everyone has a role to play in marketing the country - let's do it!," concludes Johnston.

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Look out for the advert on TV - the IMC advert will be flighted throughout the month of March.
Here is the schedule - make sure to look out for it!

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