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#BizTrends2020: Diversity is creativity

Four of the largest trends influencing the marketing industry, and their predicted impact on South Africa in the coming months.
Camilla Clerke, ECD at HelloFCB+.
Camilla Clerke, ECD at HelloFCB+.

1. Social currency

No longer does our bank account show our net worth, but our social media presence has become a prominent asset on our personal balance sheet.
Social media has given people a chance to own their story – by aligning with brands that share their values, beliefs and image.
Brands are no longer “things you buy” but “a purpose you buy into”, and although a predictable trend, brands are still battling to spring into action, still telling stories about what they are, and not who they are.

Nathan Reddy, chief creative officer at GRID Worldwide, photographed by Liezl Zwarts of Lamppost.
#BizTrends2020: Brands have to mean something to be sustainable

In an increasingly competitive environment, brands that intend to be sustainable in the future need to find an authentic space which they can credibly own...

Nathan ReddyBy Nathan Reddy 10 Jan 2020

2. Turn it into a tool

A smartphone is a tool in one’s pocket – a tool used in more ways than one. In fact, in thousands of ways. And consumers want more.
From watching one’s calorie intake, to fasting, dinner solutions, exercising, taxi-ing, meditating, gaming, period tracking, pregnancy tracking, budget tracking, you-name-it tracking, people have a desire – if not an expectation – for brands to turn their message into a solution. Their solution into a product. And their product into a utility – one that becomes useful in their audiences’ everyday life.

3. Caring is cool

We are the woke nation. But we’re also a nation that will be heard.

People have gone from being aware of global issues – environmental, political and cultural, to being incredibly outspoken about them, coming up with innovative and novel solutions to make the world a better place. Brands are expected to do the same.

SA's advertising industry needs to 'woke' up
SA's advertising industry needs to 'woke' up

What does it mean to be 'woke'? For us, being woke is an agenda to be strong out loud, to be deliberate...

Issued by M&C Saatchi Abel 5 Jun 2019

Brands that authentically align with causes are rewarded, but brands that align for the sake of it often reach new lows.

4. Diversity is creativity

Creativity can come from anywhere, and anyone. And it’s never been so clear as it is now.

Makhathini in action at Kantar Millward Brown's offices in the Foreshore.
#FairnessFirst: Unboxing diversity in advertising

'Thinking outside the box' is a good way to improve your creativity skills. If you're a creative by profession, here's why Kantar Millward Brown says you need to see that bounding box as 'diversity', and how to go beyond it in your advertising...

Leigh AndrewsBy Leigh Andrews 23 Jul 2018

The best creative solutions come from diverse teams. From race to culture, background, skillset, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and the list goes on, the most innovative and impactful solutions come out of proper collaboration, and open-mindedness.
Brands need to invest in diverse teams and empower them to reach new levels.

About Camilla Clerke

After attempting a degree in chartered accountancy at the University of Cape Town, Camilla got out just in time, completing a diploma in copywriting. Starting her career in Johannesburg at MetropolitanRepublic, she became acquainted with the all-consuming world of advertising...
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