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#Newsmaker: Tamsyn Friedman from CBR Marketing

Tamsyn Friedman has been with CBR Marketing for the past five years and is now the group marketing manager. Her goal in her role is to make the presence of the brand stronger.
#Newsmaker: Tamsyn Friedman from CBR Marketing

On her new position, Tamsyn says "“We were so busy creating marketing strategies, campaigns and platforms for our clients, that our own marketing took a back seat. It came time for us to step up and showcase our company’s growing strengths, abilities and achievements – and I was delighted that the job fell to me.”

Bizcommunity Briefly tell us about your role?

Friedman: The task of developing and implementing the marketing strategy for a crazy, dynamic and innovative company like CBR Marketing is a challenge that I am really excited about. The position of marketing manager for CBR is amazing as I have a blank canvas and have access to the best in digital marketing to help me draw that spectacular painting.

Bizcommunity What is your main business challenge?

Friedman: A bit like the plumber’s toilet always being broken, as a digital marketing agency we were previously so focused on getting maximum exposure for our clients that we didn’t get a chance to focus on the CBR brand – but it’s a huge focus for us in 2017.

Bizcommunity What trends do your predict for your industry in 2017?

Friedman: I see multimedia continuing its massive growth – along with the rise of virtual reality. Gaming, as always, is huge and presents untold creative opportunities. Snapchat will continue to grow and advertisements with an expiration date will be huge. An omni channel experience will continue to be a huge focus.

Bizcommunity What will your core strategy be this year?

Friedman: To focus on the CBR brand and growing it, making sure that CBR gets the same level of attention our clients receive. We will also be looking at ways to develop our current service offerings - and opportunities for new service offerings.

Bizcommunity Most important attributes needed to do your job?

Friedman: Creative thinking, ability to wear many hats – and to swop them at the drop of a hat! Every action also needs to have a strategy behind it, so it’s important to have a logical and strategic approach to marketing.

Bizcommunity What's at the top of your bucket list?

Friedman: Publishing a book on alternative healing. Travel at every opportunity with my husband to weird and wonderful places. Live on a vineyard and make our own wine.

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