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Flighting at the mall for a fat-free summer

Coinciding with the start of summer, Parmalat's fabulite fat-free, sugar-free yoghurt was introduced to the LSM 8-10 female market at one of South Africa's busiest holiday destination malls, Shelley Centre, with the help of Primall Media's mall advertising platforms.
Flighting at the mall for a fat-free summer
“The choice of venue for this campaign was ideal as while women are particularly mindful of their appearance before heading on to the beach, Parmalat was offering a tasty and guilt free indulgence they could enjoy any time, any where,” says Primall Director Darren Katz.

The Primedia Unlimited subsidiary devised a mall campaign showing images of the product, fresh fruit and slim, healthy women exercising, splashed across four lift doors, two glass entrance doors, one billboard and six large hanging banners, all located at strategic high traffic areas in the centre. The two month fabulite campaign ran in conjunction with a TV ad flighted over the same period.

Adie Watermeyer, Brand Manager: Yoghurts, comments, “The reason I chose mall advertising over this specific period in Shelley Centre is that it's one of the busiest shopping centres in South Africa over this critical buying period. The shopper profile at Shelley also fits our current target market profile and lends itself to attracting potential new consumers. The mall has recently been revamped and made more shopper friendly, giving it an up-market look and feel, which fits in perfectly with the fabulite brand essence.”

Flighting at the mall for a fat-free summer
According to Watermeyer, mall advertising is an effective way to engage the consumer's pre-shopping experience, to ensure top of mind awareness once in-store: “The key is to get high foot traffic sights in the malls at main entrances, on lift doors, and outside retailers. That perfect mix was exactly what we were able to achieve with this campaign. All of these factors helped clinch the deal.

“The timing is obviously also key, which in this case was during the holiday season. More feet through the door and also getting the brand to consumers from other regions, in a positive way, were all contributing factors. All in all I feel it was a very successful campaign.”

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