Zando praises Jumia IPO

What does it mean to South African online fashion retailer Zando now that its holding company Jumia has listed on the New York Stock Exchange?
Since Jumia has become the first African technology company to list on the world's largest stock exchange, Zando's CEO Sascha Breuss describes the achievement as an important milestone for Zando and e-commerce in South Africa.

Landmark NYSE listing for Africa's unicorn, Jumia

Pan-African e-commerce platform, Jumia, has become the first African startup to list on the New York Stock Exchange...

15 Apr 2019

"As this is a significant milestone, we want to take this opportunity to explain what this achievement means for Zando, Jumia as well as our vendors and our loyal consumers.

“While we have seen tremendous growth over the past 7 years already, we want to use the IPO to create momentum to promote the benefits of e-commerce for our consumers and vendors.

"More than 88% of our consumers would recommend Zando to their family and friends, and yet, we have only seen 0.5m South Africans shopping on our website. The potential here is huge and the best is yet to come,” said Breuss.

Zando's coming of age

Zando launched in 2012 as an online shoe retailer when e-commerce in SA was very much in its infancy. Fast-forward to 2019, the business has transformed into an ever-expanding fashion marketplace...

By Lauren Hartzenberg 15 Feb 2019

Pan-African e-commerce platform, Jumia Technologies AG, announced its listing on the New York Stock Exchange on Friday. Founded in 2012, Jumia is currently active in 14 African countries with more than 81,000 active sellers transacting online with millions of consumers. The e-commerce platform directly employs more than 5,000 team members in Africa.
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