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Pernod Ricard launches Don't drink and drive campaign

Pernod Ricard launched an international awareness day, entitled 'Responsib'ALL Day' on 23 May 2011. This is the outcome of 40 years of preventive measures against alcohol abuse organised in partnership with public authority partners.
Pernod Ricard launches Don't drink and drive campaignIt is also the starting point for new initiatives, campaigns and events to be launched throughout the world, in line with the recommendations of the Road Safety Decade initiative announced on 11 May by the UN.

The company's 18 000 employees, operating in 70 countries, launched initiatives to address a single issue: combating drunk driving. As a global company, it needs to have one clear position on drinking and driving and use a consistent approach worldwide. There will be only be one message: Don't Drink & Drive, a clear message to both employees and consumers.

David De Mardt, MD of Pernod Ricard South Africa says, "We actively promote responsible drinking because the consumption of alcohol in moderation can be a pleasurable experience." Pernod Ricard South Africa is a member of the Industry Association for Responsible Alcohol Use (ARA).

This is affirmed by Pierre Pringuet, Chief Executive Officer of Pernod Ricard internationally, "The lasting success of Pernod Ricard's activities can only be ensured if the Group fights vigorously against excessive or inappropriate drinking practices. Year after year, all subsidiaries are therefore committed to promoting responsible alcohol consumption."

Key messages

The key messages delivered globally on Responsib'ALL Day to staff include:
  • Strong sense of ethics is one of the three values of the company and commitment to CSR is a concrete demonstration of this;
  • The company is striving to become the leader in promoting responsible drinking;
  • In a global context harmful use of alcohol is on the agendas of WHO (World Health Organisation) and many governments. The company is not a problem but part of the solution
The company has therefore formalised its CSR policy in a platform where the main fronts include:
  • Promoting no drinking whatsoever when driving;
  • Finding alternate solutions such as designated drivers, shuttles, taxis etc;
  • Respecting legal limits and use of breathalysers;
  • Creating awareness of the effects of driving when over the limit;
  • Educating young people about the potential risks linked to alcohol;
  • Promoting moderation (sensible drinking);
  • Dissuading pregnant women from drinking;
  • Making its people and staff aware of their responsibility.


The company will undertake:
  • Speeches, presentations, workshops and exhibitions;
  • Distribution of billboards, banners, posters and flyers;
  • Use of promotional materials such as T-shirts and caps;
  • Manifestos with signatures of commitment generating funds for global action;
  • Media campaigns;
  • Regular tweeting and blogging on the Responsib'ALL website.

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