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School of Fashion adds short courses to offering

The Stadio School of Fashion is launching new short courses designed to provide flexible and accessible learning opportunities, which aim to empower individuals with the skills needed to thrive in South Africa's fashion economy.
Image source: Wavebreak Media Ltd –
Image source: Wavebreak Media Ltd –

These short courses cover a diverse range of topics, allowing students to tailor their learning experience to their specific interests and career goals. Whether through on-campus contact learning, online-assisted programs facilitated by industry experts, or self-study courses, Stadio offers flexibility and practicality to suit every individual's needs.

"Our mission is to cultivate a new generation of fashion innovators, creative problem solvers, and industry leaders," said Leonardo Snyman, head of Campus: Johannesburg and Pretoria at Stadio School of Fashion. "By offering these short courses, we are opening the doors to individuals who want to gain new skills or enhance their existing foundation in the dynamic world of fashion."

Course content

On-campus contact learning programmes include the Design Studio package, which comprises three core practical fashion modules: Garment Construction, Pattern Design, and Creative Design. This 10-week full-time programme aims to provide students with a solid foundation in fashion design principles and techniques, preparing them for potential careers in the industry.

For those already working in the fashion industry, Stadio School of Fashion offers online short learning programmes, including Fashion Entrepreneurship, A Sustainable Fashion Future for Southern Africa, Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design, and Principles of Styling. Led by industry experts who serve as mentors, these programmes provide valuable insights and industry-relevant content to enhance participants' knowledge and skills.

Additionally, Stadio School of Fashion offers online self-study short learning programmes, allowing students to unlock new career opportunities at their own pace. Courses such as Visual Merchandising, Textiles, and Trends provide specialised knowledge and skills that elevate professionals' resumes or a trendsetter's portfolio in the ever-evolving fashion landscape.

Stadio School of Fashion's Short Courses are open to all, welcoming individuals with a passion for fashion and a desire to explore new horizons within their careers, or prospective ventures in fashion or apparel. With a strong emphasis on practicality, industry engagement, and immersive learning experiences, these courses prepare students to become sought-after professionals in fashion design, fashion media, and the business industries.

The Stadio School of Fashion is internationally accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC).

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