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    Babies R Us introduces wellness centre with on-site nursing sister

    Babies R Us South Africa has expanded its baby product retail offering with a dedicated family-orientated wellness and care department.

    Babies R Us introduces wellness centre with on-site nursing sister

    Designed in close collaboration with healthcare professionals, the new personalised wellness solution offers a bespoke range of health and care products, bringing a feel-good factor to pregnancy, parenthood and holistic family wellbeing, accompanied by clinical backup and expert advice by an on-site nursing sister.

    “We view health and wellness as a major category opportunity, especially as we continue to offer value through competitive pricing and appealing promotions. The product assortment is specifically tailored for mum’s needs from natural supplements, traditional treatments covering cold and flu meds, to fertility, and breastfeeding supplements including milk lactation bars,” says Catherine Jacoby, marketing manager Toys R Us and Babies R Us SA.

    A one-stop shop within a shop

    The retailer's push into health and wellness targets a growing demand from existing customers and ushers a new generation of parents, babies and children to the Babies R Us brand.

    “The new generation of digitally-savvy, health-conscious parents are searching for convenient, one-stop solutions for healthy pregnancies, breastfeeding support as well as healthy babies and kids that adapt to their unique needs and lifestyles and Babies R Us Wellness meets this need,” adds Jacoby.

    By integrating a shop within a shop, Babies R Us SA says it's delivering a novel personal health solution that meets the needs of the customer, making the experience more personalised and meaningful.

    "With a strong foothold and trusted brand Babies R Us SA is in a unique position to bridge both worlds – combining clinical know-how with consumer insights to develop solutions that meet the growing and evolving needs of new parents and healthy living," the retailer says.

    Babies R Us Wellness is currently available at the Gateway and Pavilion branches, but the format will be expanded to more stores.

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