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    Toys R Us and Babies R Us SA to present revamp of its high-tech Canal Walk store

    Independent South African toy and baby products retailer, Toys R Us and Babies R Us, has made way for further expansion and advancements in the country.
    Toys R Us and Babies R Us SA to present revamp of its high-tech Canal Walk store

    The retailer announced, this week that the brand, operating independently from its global affiliates, invested heavily into its recent growth and upgrade projects nationwide, boasting the soon-to-be-unveiled flagship Canal Walk store as its latest upgrade attraction.

    The aggressive expansion project has seen Toys R Us and Babies R Us successfully launch seven new stores last year, with an additional one expected to open its doors next month. “We have maintained our momentum. Our revenue growth is solid, and Toys R Us and Babies R Us continues in a clear path of strengthening our brand footprint throughout South Africa,” says Nicole Annells, marketing manager Toys R Us and Babies R Us SA.

    She added that the brand is thrilled to present its state-of-the-art Canal Walk store to our Western Cape customers saying that it incorporates the “wow” factor which plans to exceed shopper’s expectations.

    Refreshingly unique

    Quite different from most toy stores, the Toys R Us and Babies R Us proposition is refreshingly unique. The store features a stellar lineup of well-loved toys, including an array of fascinating products, ranging from the traditional to the high-tech.

    The 1 719m² retail space, is aimed at taking children through a “magical journey” highlighting the senses by stimulating touch, sight, and sound.

    The toy store's new augmented reality (AR) in-store experience incorporates cutting edge technology into the shopping experience, allowing computer generated images to be included on top of a real-world environment.

    “This is a unique offering to our customers and is expected to generate a lot of interest from our little shoppers. It's definitely going to transform their experience,” said Annells.

    Magic mirror

    Another exclusive offering at the Canal Walk store is the highly anticipated virtual “magic” mirror that aims to allow children to interact with their favourite characters by means of cutting-edge Kinect technology.

    Whilst standing in front of a screen, children can choose from a variety of characters to interact with directly in front of them. “It’s an incredibly genuine and realistic experience. It is the way of the future and we want our customers to embrace their experiences with us.”

    Best known for evoking the joy of play, Toys R Us has captivated the imagination of parents and children for decades and now invites visitors into a magical kids’ haven that brings enchanting toys to life. Children are invited to explore and unleash their imagination with the inclusion of new store features such as Tomorrow Lab, Hasbro gaming area, My Little Pony, and Barbie.

    In addition, parents-to-be will be treated to a wide variety of products, at the well-stocked Babies R Us department in preparation for their new arrival.

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