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    Warning to liquor traders to toe line

    Eastern Cape Liquor Board chairman Khanyile Maneli has warned traders not to sell alcohol to visibly drunk motorists as this would be a violation of their trading conditions.

    Warning to liquor traders to toe line
    ©lecic via 123RF
    In his Christmas message, Maneli said that while everyone would like to celebrate during the festive period, drinking and driving was a deadly risk, with often shattering ramifications.

    "Among the ubiquitous human causes of road fatalities are alcohol abuse and pedestrian jaywalking. Pedestrians remain the most vulnerable of all road users," he said.

    "In 2016, about 5,410 of the 14,071 deaths were pedestrians, or 38% of the total number. Alcohol consumption, even in small amounts, increases the risk of being involved in a crash for motorists and pedestrians.

    "Not only does alcohol impair vision and reaction time, it is also associated with impaired judgment and so is often linked to other high-risk road use behaviours such as speeding or in some instances not using seatbelts," he said.

    "During this festive period, our message is simple " if you are having a drink, do not drive, and do not walk on public roads when you are under the influence.

    "Drinking and driving are incompatible. As a passenger, you must never get in a car with a drunk driver.

    "I urge liquor traders to observe their trading conditions, which include adhering to opening and closing times, not selling to the underaged, avoiding selling to visibly drunk motorists, and not playing loud music."

    Source: Herald


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