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The power of influencer marketing for e-commerce brands

Influencer marketing has progressed rapidly. But, as with many areas of the digital space, the last couple of months has seen it become a vital element in the marketing landscape.
Source: Supplied via Canva
Source: Supplied via Canva

We know that 'online shopping' has become one of the most popular phrases, following perhaps the actual words 'Covid-19', 'vaccination' and ‘My Fellow South Africans’. But how are the shoppers that traditionally relied on in-store experiences to make purchasing decisions managing with the new reality of online shopping?

By listening!

By listening to what their friends, family and other people are saying about online shopping… and they’re listening to it online, too. These brand and product sentiments are not coming from the uber-popular celebrity types, they’re coming from social media connections, friends of friends, and Instagram feeds.

Influencers are not only creating content that educates their audiences around their preferences, they’re taking it one step further and linking to a platform that allows their followers to purchase a product within their social feeds.

Things are different so the way people are able to experience a product is different too. Although word of mouth referrals and reviews have always been some of the most authentic ways to generate brand loyalty and credibility, the concept is also possibly one of the most powerful ways to move products online today.

What I have found interesting is that the influencers with the smaller followings generally drive the best engagement – which aligns to global 2021 influencer marketing trends. This is why we recently ran a brand ambassador search we where we appealed to our customers to send us videos and chose the best candidates, narrowed them down to a final two and are now working closely with them to deliver authentic content that most of us can relate to.

The quintessential opportunity in influencer marketing will lie in how e-commerce companies optimise that influencer activity, by pushing customers through the sales funnel journey whilst delivering a great experience and offering value.

People like connecting with real people. In an uncertain world, the comfort of other people’s lives, lifestyle, or shopping preferences can offer a way for one to relate to their own real-life environments. And that can become the catalyst to influencing their behaviours.

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