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Howard Music orchestrates the music for a new SA feature film - “White Lion”

Adam Howard recently completed the musical orchestration for a new SA film, “White Lion”.
“The film features actor John Kani, and according to the legends of the Shangaan people living deep in the wilds of Southern Africa, white Lions are the messengers of the Gods, and their presence in their tribal lands ensures peace and prosperity for all. However, it has been many years since a white Lion has been seen and the tribe suffers many hardships since the death of the last great chief, Muhluri.”

Adam Howard, together with Lizzie Rennie, orchestrated the music for well-known SA composer, Phillip Miller. The orchestration was for full symphony orchestra. The Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra was recorded at the SABC, conducted by Alan Stephenson.

Click here to view the trailer to the film.

Also, click here to hear an audio clip of the finale of the film.

Busy with final mix at Ministry Of Illusion and pending TV and radio commercials, it's been a very busy start of the year for Howard Music.

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