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Monday, 6 January 2020, Bizcommunity, one of the leading business-to-business news platforms on the African continent, celebrates the official relaunch of their podcast offering - BizTakeouts.
Africa's leading B2B news TO GO>>

Developed in 2011, BizTakeouts, Bizcommunity’s audio sub-brand, clearly communicates what BizTakeouts will deliver. The cute takeaway box motif contains the tastiest soundbyte-size B2B news>>TO GO - the disruptor in the burgeoning business podcast sector.

Widely known for distributing daily industry news to a pan-African and global
readership across 19 industries, Bizcommunity is Africa’s biggest multi-industry B2B news website with an estimated 490,000 global website readers.

BizTakeouts - What’s new?

BizTakeouts offers “soundbyte-size” content for growing on-demand audiences. Industry interviews are hosted by the insightful and eloquent Rutendo Nyamuda to provide essential edits on topics of African tech, trends and trade to amplify Bizcommunity’s indispensable B2B industry news offering.

Andre Rademan, Bizcommunity CEO and co-founder, says that globally podcast consumption by economically active audiences in the 18-44 age demographic are on the increase. Audio content can be consumed while multi-tasking such as commuting or cooking. According to What’s new in Publishing website, UK, 55% of podcast consumption is from smartphones and almost 50% are listening to “learn something”. The above type of growth consumption trends indicate that the podcast medium has real potential in South Africa and Africa, as people use time for self-improvement, education, upskilling and self-promotion in the B2B space.

BizTakeouts started in 2011 and 2020 is the ideal time for the relaunch of exciting multi-platform promotional opportunities for the continent’s leading thought leadership.

How will businesses and industry leaders benefit from this content?

Bizcommunity’s website, newsletter and social channels offer the broadest demographic platforms via our 490,000 readership. BizTakeouts realises the need for streamlined curation and the new native web app allows people to access selected highlights in the palm of their hands.

In 2020 expect top-level trend contributors such as Tosin Lanipekin, Executive Director Advertising Week Africa (Lagos, London), Ndeye Diagne, Kantar Côte d'Ivoire, and more.

At the end of 2019, BizTakeouts featured conversations with local and pan-African thought leaders such as Kevin Ayaba, CEO Southern African Startup Awards; Mark Molenaar, Kantar CX Director; Bronwyn Williams: Flux Trends, Future Finance Specialist; Lebogang Mokgabudi: African Women in FinTech & Payments; Jaime Ondarza: Warner Media SVP for Southern Europe and Africa; former Springbok rugby player and Retroactive Agency Chief Relationship Officer Bryan Habana to name a few.

About your BizTakeouts host

BizTakeouts host and producer Rutendo Nyamuda, who has worked for a number of influential companies including Forbes Africa, CNBC Africa Online and the Expresso Morning show, says the opportunity to work on the BizTakeouts podcast is a dream come true. “Working on the BizTakeouts podcast is an absolute honour. When I first started podcasting it was just a hobby that I did after work hours and now I get to do it full-time. It’s also very exciting to look at where the international podcast industry is, because it gives one a glimpse into the possible future of the podcast industry on the African continent.”

One aspect that separates BizTakeouts from other podcasts is its market advantage. The podcast is released to Bizcommunity’s already existing audience consisting of over 2 million monthly industry pageviews, 546,500 newsletter subscribers and 889,818 mobile page views per month. In addition, the podcast offers brands and companies unique sponsorship opportunities that also allows for unique advertising opportunities on the podcast.

Audiences can listen to the BizTakeouts podcast on a number of local and international platforms including: IONO FM, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, as well as on the Bizcommunity website.

There is no denying that PR, marketing and advertising has changed significantly as consumers are interested in more than just a product or service. Seth Godin says, “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”

In 2020 audiences can expect unforgettable conversations on the BizTakeouts podcast with some of the most influential people on the African continent. The podcast promises to keep you up to date on the latest B2B industry news right at your fingertips and you can listen to it when you like it, where you like it and how you like it.

BizTakeouts - Bizcommunity’s valuable sub-brand

Developed in 2011, BizTakeouts' cute takeaway box motif clearly communicates what BizTakeouts will deliver - tasty, snackable content - soundbyte-size B2B news>>TO GO - the disruptor in the burgeoning business podcast sector.

Annual or channel sponsorship can be tailored such as BizTrends, BizAfrica, BizStartup news, TechTalk, State of the Media or bespoke to amplify industry events or stakeholder interests.

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Africa's leading B2B news TO GO>>
Africa's leading B2B news TO GO>>

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