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#BizTrends2021: How Gen Z is changing the face of leadership

According to Boniswa Pezisa, the youngest generation currently joining the workforce - Gen Z - should be made a part of the decision-making process...

By Shan Radcliffe 1 Feb 2021

#BizTrends2021: 4 principles to embrace to become an adaptive leader

2020 has shown us so many real qualities about leadership. The one that will be most prominent in 2021 and beyond will be the role of the 'adaptive leader'...

By Anja van Beek 25 Jan 2021

#BizTrends2021: 4 trends in employee skills development and training you need to know for 2021

Everything changed in 2020. Seemingly overnight, companies were forced to abandon their offices, and their staff had to adapt to the challenges of working from home. More unfortunate were those whose jobs were wiped out as their companies downsized or shut down entirely...

By Siphelele Kubheka and Desikan Naidoo 19 Jan 2021

5 remote work and hiring trends influencing workforce decisions

Businesses around the globe have spent the better part of 2020 adjusting to the new reality of remote working. With workplace regulations also becoming stricter, buzzy office spaces might soon become part of a pre-Covid era...

By Andrew Bourne 15 Jan 2021

#BizTrends2021: Evolution of workforce skills demand - what the future holds

When reflecting on the fourth industrial revolution, a number of things immediately spring to mind - for example, IoT, AI, and robots. Regrettably, little attention is given to individual employees and workers in this emerging industrial world, unless one is discussing the concerns related to potential job losses...

By Lyndy van den Barselaar 14 Jan 2021

5 key trends shaping the post-pandemic workplace

Most workers are looking forward to returning to the office, post-pandemic, with many saying they'd prefer to spend the majority of their work-week there to meet face-to-face, socialise, brainstorm, and connect with each other again...

13 Jan 2021

5 project management trends taking control in 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic forced organisations to make a rapid shift to remote work and online project management. Project managers and teams suddenly have an even greater responsibility to communicate and collaborate effectively. According to a recent survey by PwC, this trend is set to continue. But what else can project managers expect in the new year...?

By Alison Fergus 13 Jan 2021

#BizTrends2021: Communication - how business success will be determined in 2021

The speed with which the C-suite was tasked with managing monumental change as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold is unprecedented. However, one thing is becoming clear: no "new normal" is possible without robust new communication skills...

By Annelize van Rensburg 12 Jan 2021

#BizTrends2021: The post-pandemic workplace - a look at key trends

Putting the brakes on business travel and physical offices due to tech transformation...

By Johan Botes 11 Jan 2021

How the pandemic will shape the workplace trends of 2021

The economist John Maynard Keynes predicted in 1930 that the amount we work would gradually shrink to as little as 15 hours a week as technology made us more productive...

By Dave Cook 7 Jan 2021

#BizTrends2021: Race and culture will be at the forefront of the corporate agenda

Traditionally, trends are a continuation of the growth and changes that societies, industries and markets are experiencing. 2020 accelerated some things and caused a complete upheaval in others. These are the three biggest cultural and leadership trends that I believe will shape businesses in 2021...

By Ian Fuhr 6 Jan 2021

#BizTrends2021: 10 e-learning trends that enhance workforce performance

Thanks to the advancements in modern-day technology, it was possible for organisations to react quickly to the major disruptions presented in 2020. However, many were stuck having to MacGyver their way into the digital learning space...

By Michael Hanly 6 Jan 2021

#BizTrends2021: The people management landscape for 2021

Covid-19 has forced most companies to step back and re-think their organisational design and remuneration. The shift into remote work, the need to manage output - and not hours - as well as the financial pressure placed on companies to meet salary and benefits obligations, has created the opportunity to review age-old norms...

By Jonathan Goldberg 6 Jan 2021

#BizTrends2021: 3 emerging medical scheme membership patterns

For many, medical scheme membership is part of their employee benefits, but that doesn't mean they are under any less pressure to make ends meet, especially in light of the economic strain Covid-19 has caused.

By Nerine Brink 6 Jan 2021

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