Brian Eagar is the founder and group CEO of TowerStone. From being voted as the naughtiest kid most likely to fail at school, Brian Eagar found success in the information and technology sector as a young sales and marketing executive, culminating in an executive sales and strategy role for one of the Siemens businesses based in Germany. On his return to South Africa, his passion to inspire leadership led to the creation of TowerStone Leadership Centre in 2006.
Why creating a learning culture at work is crucial to business development

Warren Buffett says clever people know their field because they studied it, but smart people are intentional about investing in continuous learning. His formula for success is: "Go to bed smarter than you woke up"...

By Brian Eagar 26 Sep 2018

5 essentials of purposeful communication to become an inspiring leader

Communicating on purpose is not about changing you into an inauthentic communicator. It's about making sure that your message does not get lost in translation...

By Brian Eagar 27 Jul 2018

Entrenching a purposeful culture: inspiring beyond the mould

Aligning your team members to your desired culture is not about forcing them into a mould; it's about inspiring them to actively participate in the journey that delivers on your brand promise...

By Brian Eagar 2 Oct 2017

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