Phillipa Geard

Owner/Founder at
Location:South Africa


I am passionate about retaining talented skilled women in an organisation. It makes good financial sense to assist women through their careers and into key decision making roles. Women in general are never going to not want to be mothers and carers of their children. RecruitMyMom assists companies to find skilled Moms to do part-time and flexible meaningful work. Phillipa does presentations to Executives on how to practically implement cultural changes to keep skilled women within organisations.
#BizTrends2018: Move over 2017, flexible work is about to get bigger and better in 2018

This year has witnessed a giant leap forward for flexible work in our country and across the globe, as more and more companies begin to embrace a new era of time-wise employment...

By Phillipa Geard 12 Jan 2018

Skilled workforce on tap – the rise of the on-demand economy

The on-demand economy is growing and bringing with it a fair share of social change that is about to shape the future of work in 2017...

By Phillipa Geard 22 Mar 2017

Why flexible work doesn't just mean part-time

There is a misconception that flexible working is only applicable to less skilled positions, and that jobs which require an average full working day or more cannot comfortably fit into this category...

By Phillipa Geard 18 Nov 2016

#WomensMonth: Celebrating the rise of the digital mom

When it comes to flexible work, women - and moms in particular - are really leading the charge in changing the way that they structure their lives to find a more balanced approach to meeting multiple demands...

By Phillipa Geard 23 Aug 2016

[BizTrends 2016] The future of work in 2016

The way we work and the places we work are evolving rapidly; 2015 revealed even more companies and people adapting to a future work culture, which embraces flexibility, openness and the harnessing of technology to improve efficiency...

By Phillipa Geard 18 Jan 2016

Tapping into the skilled labour pool of moms

In today's ever-changing world that faces increasing economic challenges, there is a pool of highly skilled people that have thus far being largely overlooked in the hiring process...

By Phillipa Geard 12 Oct 2015

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