26 Jul 2021Monitoring/evaluation for the public sectorPretoria
26 Jul 2021Supervisory management skillsPretoria
26 Jul 2021Essential corporate governancePretoria
26 Jul 2021
Certified Customer Journey Architect Programme
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27 Jul 2021Fifth Annual Employment Equity Compliance Conference 2021Johannesburg
27 Jul 2021Online Short Course on Project Management Principles/Practices/SchedulingPretoria
2 Aug 2021Online Course on Project Cost/Schedule Risk SimulationPretoria
2 Aug 2021Advanced course in construction contractsPretoria
5 Aug 2021Employment Equity Update Masterclass 2021Cape Town
5 Aug 2021Business Writing Skills 2021Johannesburg
5 Aug 2021Professional communication at workPretoria
9 Aug 2021Foundation management programmePretoria
12 Aug 2021The Corporate Governance MasterclassJohannesburg
12 Aug 2021Public management development programmePretoria
12 Aug 2021Mancave Mastermind Program for menOnline
16 Aug 2021Whistleblower protection in municipalitiesPretoria
17 Aug 2021Advanced course in employee assistance programmesPretoria
18 Aug 2021Technical writing/presentation skillsPretoria
19 Aug 2021Managing Remote Employees 2021Online
20 Aug 2021Equal Pay Webinar 2021Online
24 Aug 2021Strategic capability/leadership for public sector managersPretoria
24 Aug 2021Human Resources Laws Update 2021Online
25 Aug 2021Practical Skills Auditing and Training Needs Analysis 2021Johannesburg
25 Aug 2021Practical Skills Auditing/Training Needs Analysis 2021Johannesburg
25 Aug 2021Business Presentation/Public Speaking in the Public SectorPretoria
25 Aug 2021Short course in strategic records management/planningPretoria
30 Aug 2021Negotiation skillsPretoria
30 Aug 2021Business writingPretoria
1 Sep 2021Online short course - Introduction to the employee assistance programmePretoria
6 Sep 2021Project Management Principles/PracticesPretoria
6 Sep 2021Project management principles/practices in organisationsPretoria
6 Sep 2021Human resources managementPretoria
7 Sep 2021Employment Equity Strategic Masterclass 2021Johannesburg
8 Sep 2021Work-life balance training course 2021Pretoria
22 Sep 2021The Skills Development Facilitator Training 2021Johannesburg
23 Sep 2021The HR Leadership SeminarJohannesburg
27 Sep 2021Decision and risk managementPretoria
13 Oct 2021The HR Business Partner Masterclass 2021Johannesburg
14 Oct 2021Business Writing Skills 2021Durban
20 Oct 2021Labour Relations Training 2021Online
1 Nov 2021Project Quality/Risk/Time ManagementPretoria
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