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2020 a slow year for dealmaking in Africa, but post-pandemic opportunities look promising - Part 3

In the final part of this three-part series, we analyse M&A data from Kenya, Mozambique and Nigeria...

By Wildu du Plessis and Morne van der Merwe 1 Mar 2021

Legal challenges, opportunities for SA's TMT sector in 2021

Three topics will top the list of priorities for executives in the technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) sector in South Africa in 2021...

25 Feb 2021

Masscash stores sale to Black-owned Devland saves 640 jobs

A merger between Devland Cash and Carry and Massmart-controlled Masscash will save at least 640 jobs...

23 Feb 2021

Minister approaches court on small-scale fishing rights

The minister of environment, forestry and fisheries, Barbara Creecy, will approach the High Court to review and set aside the process of awarding small-scale fishing...

22 Feb 2021

Amended PIC Act signed into law

The Public Investment Corporation Amendment Act has been promulgated and published in the Government Gazette...

18 Feb 2021

2020 a slow year for dealmaking in Africa, but post-pandemic opportunities look promising - Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we analysed merger-and-acquisition data in sub-Saharan Africa - here we look at country specific M&A activity in SA, Ethiopia and Ghana...

By Wildu du Plessis and Morne van der Merwe 18 Feb 2021

Electricity prices to increase by 15%

The North Gauteng High Court has ordered that an amount of R10bn be added to Eskom's allowable revenue to be recovered from tariff customers in the 2021/22 financial year...

17 Feb 2021

Increasing disclosure for B-BBEE claims

A new Explanatory Notice issued by the B-BBEE Commission in January requires more supporting evidence for B-BBEE claims. Although this may seem onerous, it will strengthen the Commission's ability to make recommendations for improvement.

By Candice Meyer 16 Feb 2021

Steinhoff's former auditor Deloitte to pay $85m to settle certain claims

Steinhoff said former auditor Deloitte has agreed to pay $85mn to certain claimants as part of the retailer's proposed $1bn global lawsuit settlement...

16 Feb 2021

Social justice and compliance - anti-corruption unpacked

I am a firm believer that anti-corruption compliance and social justice are synonymous with one another. And when we address the crimes of bribery and corruption, we have to ask; do bribery and corruption speak to the collective welfare of the state and, in turn, make an impact on social justice?

By Rui Lopes 15 Feb 2021

R45m victory for Prasa

In a decision that vindicates Martha Ngoye, an arbitrator has ordered SA Fence and Gate to pay back the money...

By James Stent 12 Feb 2021

Africa's newest credible international arbitration centre: South Africa

Few businesses in Africa appear to be taking advantage of the fact that, for arbitrations that involve African parties, there is no longer a good reason not to consider running those cases from arbitration centres on the African continent...

11 Feb 2021

Slapp-ing back: Court checks corporate bullying

On 9 February 2021, the Western Cape High Court delivered an important judgement for all activists and NGOs who find themselves on the receiving end of powerful corporations trying to throw their weight around...

11 Feb 2021

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