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Our mission is to ensure that more South Africans have valid Wills in place and to lower the legal fees at death for our clients.
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Would you leave your children's inheritance in the hands of the government?As parents, we dedicate our lives to looking after our children and making sure their needs are met - physically, emotionally and, of course, financially. Our aims are to raise happy, healthy, well-rounded young adults who can make good decisions to, hopefully, give them a head start in life through our hard work and good stewardship, and to protect them from the big, bad world while they are still young. 25 Mar 2021 Read more

Tazkiya™ - A South African first for Muslim communitiesSouth Africa is a diverse country with many different cultures and religions, each with its unique characteristics. One religion that has very specific governing principles when it comes to financial aspects is Islam. Until now, there have been very few feasible financial services solutions for South African Muslims who want to honour their Islamic faith in this regard. 25 Feb 2021 Read more

'Girlfriend' loses fight for husband's estate - Was it really necessary?We spend all our time trying to create wealth and building our legacies for our loved ones, and yet so few people dedicate any time to estate planning that creates clarity and certainty for when we're gone. 23 Feb 2021 Read more

This Valentine's Day it's about more than chocolate hearts - it's about really giving your heart away"There are only 300,000 registered organ donors in South Africa - that is less than 1% of the national population." 12 Feb 2021 Read more

It just makes sense to do your life cover with the people you trust to do your willThirty years ago, you would never have imagined that life cover would be sold over the phone, never mind online. It was the domain of revered men in suits and briefcases with jargon and phrases that made you think you needed a PhD in finance to understand what you were buying. With life speeding up and the proliferation of the internet into our lives, we all got smart and figured out that life cover is just a commodity and can be bought in minutes online. I mean, who has time for a consultation these days? It's only life cover (sarcasm intended). 1 Feb 2021 Read more

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