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Reviving tradition: SOLshop brings group buying into the digital age

Group buying, a concept deeply rooted in community and cooperation, has been a longstanding practice in societies worldwide.

Pooling resources

Traditionally seen in practices like stokvels, where individuals pool their resources to achieve common financial goals, group buying is undergoing a modern renaissance thanks to the advent of technology that allows for fast, efficient coordination between buyers and sellers.

SOLshop, an online marketplace claims that group buying makes sense in today's world.

According to the brand, group buying isn't merely a novel idea; it's a strategy that harnesses the power of collective purchasing to unlock numerous benefits for participants. Today, SOLshop is bringing this concept into the digital age, in an effort to make it easier and more convenient.

One of the most compelling reasons to participate in group buying is the significant cost savings.

As inflation proves stubbornly persistent and the prices of food and household essentials continue to rise, group buying users can access discounted prices that would be unattainable when shopping individually.

The temptation of impulse purchases is a common pitfall when navigating the aisles of a supermarket.


"Group buying isn't just about saving money; it's about fostering a sense of community and collaboration," says Ntokozo Shezi, operations manager of SOLshop.

"We're proud to offer a platform that empowers our users to leverage their collective strength for mutual benefit. Whether it's everyday essentials or special occasion purchases, group buying with SOLshop is a win-win for everyone involved."

While group buying is not a new concept, SOLshop leverages modern technology to make it more accessible and convenient.

As Shezi concludes, “SOLshop is dedicated to making smart shopping accessible to everyone. Our mission is to provide an innovative, convenient, and cost-effective way for people to shop and save. By bringing people together for group purchases, SOLshop not only offers substantial savings but also promotes a sense of community and shared purpose.”

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