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Infrastructure & Utilities South Africa

Infrastructure development hinges on leadership, says Cesa CEO

Chris Campbell, the CEO of Consulting Engineers South Africa (Cesa), believes strong leadership is crucial to unlocking South Africa's infrastructure development and professionalism within the public sector. Campbell advocates for constructive strategies focussed on national interests rather than individual or party-political agendas.
Chris Campbell, the CEO of Consulting Engineers South Africa (Cesa)
Chris Campbell, the CEO of Consulting Engineers South Africa (Cesa)

"Party politics must not overshadow the urgent needs of our communities," Campbell cautioned. "Prioritising service delivery and infrastructure in government departments is non-negotiable."

He acknowledged the challenges plaguing various levels of government but emphasised the crucial role of senior management in driving better governance.

He highlighted inefficiencies within government processes and called for a revitalised emphasis on professionalism in the public sector.

"Sustainable service delivery and infrastructure modernisation demand a professionalised public sector," said Campbell. "We need to translate promises into decisive action to upgrade our government institutions."

Private public partnership

Campbell urged collaboration between the private sector and government to create standards fostering professionalism and ethics within public institutions. He stressed the need to establish the core elements of effective governance rather than simply continuing theoretical discussions.

Accountability and productivity were also key themes raised by the CEO.

He called for a merit-based system that rewards performance and instills responsibility. "Complacency and inefficiency cannot be tolerated," Campbell stressed, advocating for a new culture within government.

He further emphasised the necessity of realigning the workforce for current economic needs, pushing for upskilling and repurposing employees for maximum efficiency.

Leadership needed

Campbell sees infrastructure projects as a means to generate employment, develop skills, and lessen the nation's reliance on social welfare programmes.

In closing, he reiterated the need for leadership and cooperation to bring tangible change to South Africa's public sector.

"By focusing on infrastructure and professionalism, we pave the way for jobs and economic growth. It's time for leadership that prioritises the nation's future."

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