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Utility management in East Africa - leapfrogging into the future

Urban areas in East Africa are struggling to meet the high demands for electricity, water and sanitation, and poor, inefficient utility delivery continues to plague countries such as Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania...

By Marleze van Loggerenberg 12 Dec 2018

Southern African nations need to up their groundwater management game

When you think of a country's water resources, you may not realise that there are many kinds. Some is surface water, such as dams and rivers. There's also groundwater...

By Gaathier Mahed 11 Dec 2018

Did fear-mongering help Cape Town avert Day Zero?

According to the findings of a study by researchers from Stellenbosch University (SU) and the University of Cape Town (UCT), threats about Day Zero when taps would run dry had a far greater impact on Capetonians' water usage than water restrictions...

5 Dec 2018

PIDA Week ends with call for Africa to accelerate infrastructure projects

The fourth Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) Week was held in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe from 26-28 November...

3 Dec 2018

4 ways our cities can cut transport emissions in a hurry: avoid, shift, share and improve

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently warned that global warming could reach 1.5? as early as 2030...

By Hussein Dia 30 Nov 2018

Eastern Cape villagers say they've been left out of huge water project

Villagers who live close to the Xonxa Dam on the Witkei River in the Eastern Cape have accused the authorities of using their water to supply Queenstown while they are drinking dirty water...

By Nombulelo Damba-Hendrik 30 Nov 2018

'World's worst environmental disaster' set to be repeated with controversial new dam in Africa

Encompassing swathes of Ethiopia, South Sudan and Kenya, the Omo-Turkana Basin is one of the oldest landscapes in the world that is known to have been inhabited by Homo sapiens...

By Timothy Clack 29 Nov 2018

Kathu solar plant synchronised to the grid

The first synchronisation of Kathu Solar Park to the national grid took place on 18 November 2018...

28 Nov 2018

Private healthcare is ripe for transformation

It's no secret that a small number of 'big names' dominate the private healthcare and medical aid industries...

28 Nov 2018

Thuma mina. How Ramaphosa must sweeten the pot for the private sector

In his quest to stimulate the country's economy, President Cyril Ramaphosa has been actively courting the private sector to enter into meaningful partnerships with government by establishing an infrastructure fund...

28 Nov 2018

CT signs R1.3bn loan with German bank to upgrade wastewater treatment plants

The City of Cape Town recently signed an urban wastewater management loan with the German government-owned KfW Development Bank...

27 Nov 2018

RisCura, Africa Investor to launch infrastructure performance index

RisCura and Africa Investor have partnered to launch Africa's first infrastructure performance index in early 2019...

19 Nov 2018

'The Governator' to headline W12, Future of Water conference in CT next year

Former governor of California, climate change activist and philanthropist, Arnold Schwarzenegger will join global leaders at the inaugural W12, Future of Water conference...

19 Nov 2018

Institution to fast-track water use licences

Water and sanitation minister Gugile Nkwinti is to establish an institution to accelerate the issuing of water use licences...

13 Nov 2018

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