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Sharon Snell holds a masters degree in law, and she is the Chief Executive Officer of the National Museum located in Bloemfontein.
Green reporting will expose risky companies

G20 task force issues new Climate-Related Financial Disclosure Framework...

By Sharon Snell 5 Jul 2017

Sugar wars: Coke faces first salvo in US false advertising lawsuit

Coca-Cola's claims that their SSBs are not linked to obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease will be tested in a lawsuit...

By Sharon Snell 9 Jan 2017

However you word it, Uber is a taxi company... UK ruling says

New technology has been disrupting traditional models of doing business for many years and legislation has struggled to keep up...

By Sharon Snell 8 Dec 2016

SA banks and the new G7 cybersecurity guidelines

The G7 finance ministers and central bank governors have endorsed a plan to improve cybersecurity in the financial sector...

By Sharon Snell 7 Nov 2016

Counting the cost of #FeesMustFall and other protests

The 39% increase in the severity of insurance claims is directly attributable to increases in service delivery and student unrest...

By Sharon Snell 17 Oct 2016

US insurer ordered to defend prescription drug lawsuit

Lawsuits by US states to hold pharmaceutical companies liable for their costs of dealing with prescription drug abuse is on the rise...

By Sharon Snell 26 Sep 2016

Court rules: collateral lies do not invalidate an insurance claim

In a ground-breaking, the UK Supreme Court has ruled that collateral lies do not invalidate an insurance claim...

By Sharon Snell 13 Sep 2016

Insurance could balance the legal scales

There is a famous saying: If you have the law, hammer the law. If you have the facts, hammer the facts. If you have neither the law nor the facts, hammer the table...

By Sharon Snell 22 Jul 2016

Driverless cars on a collision course with insurance

With the prediction that AVs will be available commercially by 2020 - liability for the actions of these vehicles is receiving the attention of insurers...

By Sharon Snell 13 Jun 2016

[Case files] A curious case of arson

There is nothing more frustrating for an insurer than having a suspicion of insurance fraud, but not having sufficient evidence to prove it...

By Sharon Snell 13 May 2016

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