Ritesh Sanghani

Director at Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services
Location:Santa Clara, United States


    Ritesh Sanghani is a Director at Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services for the past 15 years. He has worked with several international clients and has executed BPO projects of varying scales and complexities.
    Loyalty and reward program data capture solutions for retailers

    Data capturing is one of the most cumbersome tasks for any retailer! And as such the retail industry is passing through a transitory phase; where things are evolving dynamically and customers are demanding the best.

    By Ritesh Sanghani 9 Jul 2015

    Data mining services - how real estate industry can benefit by identifying customer preferences

    Data mining services help businesses analyse and understand buyer requirements and preferences and hence plan their business strategy and device marketing tactics based on this information...

    By Ritesh Sanghani 19 Jun 2015

    How data entry can help companies to establish a quick and secure database?

    Information is king! We live in an information-driven world; where strong database is like half the battle won! It has gained so much prominence...

    By Ritesh Sanghani 20 May 2015

    Good quality medical transcription is achievable

    Medicine is one of the noblest fields; mainly due to its major role as life-saver. This has resulted as a boom in the health-care industry in the past few decades...

    By Ritesh Sanghani 5 May 2015

    Data entry outsourcing - Think before you leap...

    Competition has become inseparable - No business or commercial activity is free from it. This competitiveness has in fact become a blessing in disguise; since, it has allowed several other industries to flourish and thrive on it...

    By Ritesh Sanghani 29 Apr 2015

    Medical transcription services for cardiologists and accurate records

    AHMEDABAD, INDIA: Ask any medical professional about the significance of accurate medical records and they can lecture you for hours...

    By Ritesh Sanghani 17 Mar 2015

    Web research - the most effective methods to catch on the nerve of volatile market

    AHMEDABAD, INDIA: The world is moving at dynamic speed, posing numerous opportunities and challenges. Here's how to beat the heat of this competitiveness and gain an edge...

    By Ritesh Sanghani 9 Mar 2015

    Data conversion has become need of the hour!

    AHMEDABAD, INDIA: With the depleting forest cover on earth, 'paperless' culture is getting immense momentum in the recent years. In fact, all the documentation and paper work is now being digitised at an exponential rate. This trend has given rise to document conversion.

    By Ritesh Sanghani 25 Feb 2015

    Make a strong online presence with Podcast Transcription Services

    Broadcasting industry has, with times, manifested itself completely. In this age of internet, radio shows and other forms of media broadcasting have gone online...

    By Ritesh Sanghani 18 Feb 2015

    Make your catalogue stand out!

    AHMEDABAD, INDIA: An excellent catalogue processing service can make your virtual catalogue stand out in crowd...

    By Ritesh Sanghani 11 Feb 2015

    Taking a cue from the Ryanair screen scraping judgment

    AHMEDABAD, INDIA: Screen scraping is the best way to aggregate web data much faster than a human possibly can. However, is there any such thing known as ethical web scraping?

    By Ritesh Sanghani 28 Jan 2015

    Data extraction - helping businesses see the bigger picture

    AHMEDABAD, INDIA: Today the rate at which data is generated has seen a manifold escalation. This data is generated both internally and externally...

    By Ritesh Sanghani 6 Jan 2015

    Google slashes Google Drive storage prices offering new age data storage tools

    AHMEDABAD, INDIA / SANTA CLARA, US: I believe Google Drive has emerged as the most awesome tool for data storage and cloud based processing...

    By Ritesh Sanghani 8 Dec 2014

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