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Loyalty and reward program data capture solutions for retailers

Data capturing is one of the most cumbersome tasks for any retailer! And as such the retail industry is passing through a transitory phase; where things are evolving dynamically and customers are demanding the best.

In order to give the best deals to their customers, retailers in turn introduced "loyalty card schemes" to retain their customers and loyalty management program, and this is exactly where they struggle big time with data capture.

Paper-based loyalty cards create huge volumes of manual data capturing, and increases back logs of customers queuing up to join the scheme. Such a scenario is not uncommon in retail industry and can further delay the marketing campaigns as they cannot send relevant marketing emails or registration information on time.

Loyalty and reward program data capture solutions for retailers

If in-house teams gets busy doing the data entry of this paper based loyalty cards, who will manage the routine activities? In case that is also managed, is the in-house team equipped and experienced to do complex and bulky manual data entry... So what is it that needs to be done? Where is the help? Who can help out retailers to leverage such business opportunities by efficiently providing data capture solutions?

The answer to all these queries is that several data capture service providers offer effective data entry and data processing for such loyalty and reward cards programs.

By employing a secure scanning system, these data processing service providers digitise immense volumes of paper-based customer information through smart data capturing software; and then extract the data in a format ready to import directly into retailers existing office systems. In addition to this, they also help retailers in designing the membership or registration forms along with scanning and smart capturing; which in turn provides extreme accuracy and digital capture.

Professional data capturing service providers are the need of the hour...

A digital mail room - Retailers can outsource paperwork to digital mail room facility of these outsourcing service providing companies where they will set up a PO BOX for your project, followed with a process where they will open, sort, and scan as well - all your loyalty card returns. They are equipped with software that, during the scanning process, automatically recognises and extracts client data giving the desired output in any required format.

Once scanned, they return your digital images and the data through a secure FTP server or you can download it as and when you need it from their cloud document management solution.

Regular scanning - They can provide regular document scanning services for your loyalty card paperwork on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. With high-end equipment and dedicated team of professionals working on it; they can scan up to more than three million images month on month - only for you. This is then followed by multi-layered quality check. Nearly all the offshore data capture solution providers, adhere PCI compliance and hence you can be rest assured that your financial data is in safe hands.

Data capture services - Manual data entry and data capture services, which were the stepping stone for these outsourcing service providers, now is available for any kind of retail information. They can go to the extent of helping you with form design - the innovative approach towards intelligent data capture.

Web application development - You as a retailer are all set to make your stores completely paperless, these data capture and data entry specialists assist you with web application development as well. With clients at their credit from fortune 500 companies, they have the expertise and have developed apps to help retailers capture customer information directly on to iPads. This becomes critical in replacing existing retail paper processes of loyalty card data, membership schemes, stock checking, customer service and much more.

Everything under one umbrella - Since, the world is moving so fast, a lot of service providers have mastered data management and processing skills to match the pace. Hence; you can expect manual data entry and data capture services for any kind of information related to the retail sector, under one roof by a team of experts. So gear up to retain and please the existing customers with efficient data capture solutions for retailers, you can easily take a step forward and enjoy the profits!

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