Natasha Fourie

head of marketing intelligence and insights of DCMN South Africa
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


Natasha Fourie is the head of marketing intelligence and insights of DCMN South Africa. For more information about the services offered by DCMN's Insights team, please click here or send an email to az.oc.nmcd@tizwoh.
TV advertising on a limited budget

Armed with the correct information, TV can be a viable option for most businesses, and most definitely one that delivers ROI...

By Natasha Fourie 1 Nov 2019

Do digital brands need a new metric for planning TV?

Is traditional TV planning using reach and frequency still valid for digital brands in a time when marketers are under increasing pressure to prove their value to a company and to show ROI on all marketing campaigns, including offline?

By Natasha Fourie 9 Jul 2019

How to grow your startup one step at a time: Step 1

Market research and competitor analysis as part of the Ideation phase...

By Natasha Fourie 29 Mar 2019

#BizTrends2018: How to manoeuvre through 2018 and come out the other side

Local industry research has been turned on its head leaving many agencies and clients really scrambling to build benchmarks for success and establishing a new normal...

By Natasha Fourie 5 Feb 2018

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