Lwazi Piti

Senior Account Executive at DUO Marketing + Communications
Location:South Africa


Lwazi Piti is a PR ICT and B2B consultant with just over three years experience. He started off doing consumer PR and Communication, consulting for a broad spectrum of clients. He spent a year working on a Multinational National Telecommunications client, Angola Cables, which helped him find his niche - tech.

Currently, he is working as a Senior Account Executive on two global accounts, an Integrated Cloud Applications and Platform Service provider and Chinese Multinational National Networking Telecommunications company.
Agility vs integration in the PR industry

Working in the PR industry makes for an interesting conversation starter with vastly different public opinions. Within the industry, there hasn't been much chatter around the integration and agility of PR agencies, which raises an interesting discussion...

By Lwazi Piti 14 Dec 2018

Moving towards a synchronized society for the connected generation

Technology trends and changes in human behaviour are inseparable and synonymous with innovation...

By Lwazi Piti 18 Oct 2018

An end to mediocrity

Are South African communication consultants ready to embrace well-deserved criticism before the emergence of no-collar consultants?...

By Lwazi Piti 9 Apr 2018

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