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Managing Director at Boomtown
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Managing Director at Boomtown
Is social media killing advertising?

Over the last five years, there has been a lot of industry talk about the quality and standard of creativity delivered by brands and their creative partners...

By Andrew MacKenzie 9 Oct 2019

Advertising can lead the charge on climate change. Here's how

The climate crisis has been a dark cloud on the horizon for some time now, but 2019 is the year the world's political and business leaders at Davos officially put the issue at the top of their "worry list"...

By Andrew MacKenzie 3 Jul 2019

The lessons SA should take from 2019's Super Bowl ads

Arguably advertising's biggest moment, the Super Bowl acts as an inspiration to agencies and brands globally and has the potential to set trends. And with all the hype around the declining TV audiences, it's a testament to its power...

By Andrew MacKenzie 7 Feb 2019

Technology: The challenge for marketers

We will almost certainly wake up tomorrow with a new platform, feature, or app; this raises a few critical questions for advertisers and marketers: how will we keep up? Should we rush in to adopt? And how do we adapt to these new trends?...

By Andrew MacKenzie 3 Aug 2018

How direct are you?

When I mention direct marketing, do you cringe and think of all those offers you receive overflowing in your postbox? Although this form of direct marketing does have a place, I'm talking about direct marketing with a bit more impact, that's far more memorable...

By Andrew MacKenzie 20 Mar 2017

Stand tall: The fear of failure vs bravery

I recently came across a photograph taken on the morning of the D-day landings. It shows an army Regimental Sergeant Major standing bravely on a beach while all those around him, from the Hampshire Regiment, are hunkered down trying to find cover from the bullets raining down on them...

By Andrew MacKenzie 22 Nov 2016

Are you feeling the marketing squeeze?

In the context of the current economic climate, in South Africa and the rest of the world, brands and marketers are feeling the squeeze and are stretched to deliver a marked return on their marketing investment...

By Andrew MacKenzie 29 Feb 2016

The truth about content

Content - the word is everywhere and, for something so talked about, it has a pretty fuzzy definition. At its most literal, it is anything that someone might read, see, watch or interact with. So pretty broad...

By Andrew MacKenzie 10 Nov 2015

Lessons from Willy Wonka on the art of promotion

A great story teaching children to be grateful, polite and humble. But as marketers we can learn a few lessons from this story about the foundations of great marketing...

By Andrew MacKenzie 10 Jul 2015

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