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On the Dot Pamphlets depot visit week four

Gauteng Region (12th - 16th August)
The week of the 12th -16th August was one that did not see a lot of traveling on my part, it started off with me visiting the Doornfontein Depot where I consulted with Harold Hayes (Regional Manager), Nicolene Kleinhans (Branch Co-ordinator) and their team. Together we agreed on the following updates NU changes were as follows, two were removed with a total of 2617 and no new areas were added. The next day I sat with Matthys Lourens who runs our East Rand depot where he gave his approval for the following changes in his region. 0 NU areas were removed and 16 new areas were added with a total of 3332 new households. After doing the East Rand depot areas I sat with Mondli Ngidi who runs our Soweto depot and we agreed to make the following changes, we removed 0 NU areas from our demographics added four new areas totalling to 1589 new households. Friday the 16th I then sat with Pieter Coetsee from our Vanderbijlpark depot and we discussed a few areas on our demographics and made the following changes, 0 new areas were added to our demos and there were two NU areas were removed.

On the Dot
Pamphlets depot visit
week Five - Kwazulu
Natal Region
(26th - 30th August)

Another eventful week was about to start for the 2013 Depot visits, in the beautiful City of Durban. The day started with a flight down to Durban Airport where I was picked up by Gerhard Maree, Regional Manager for the KZN region and I would be a passenger with Gerhard for the entire week as we trek through the Kwa-zulu Natal region. The first depot I visited was the Durban Depot where I sat with Farhaan (Branch Co ordinator) and we agreed on the following changes; two NU areas are to be removed from Durban and we are adding 18 new distribution areas with a total quantity of over 18,000. Once I had completed the Durban demos it was then time for us to address the demos for the Port Shepstone Depot which was also handled between myself and Farhaan. For the Port Shepstone
demos we agreed on the following changes no NU areas removed, added nine new areas with a total house-count of 6188.

After completing everything for the Durban and Port Shepstone depots on the Monday, the next day we then started an unforgettable journey of over 1021Km.

Starting with Pietermaritzburg depot where we met with Mnyamezeli Mntaka who is the Branch Manager and Krishnie Anthony who is the Branch Co coordinator and together the four of us addressed the demos for their region with the following results. 0 NU areas were removed and a whopping 50 new areas have been added with a total of 20,800 new households added.

On a personal note

It's a very rare but very special when you find a success story quite like we had in the Pietermaritzburg Depot. When you meet Mnyamezeli Mntaka you can tell that there is something inspirational about him. He is a quiet, unassuming person but when you find out the journey he has been on to get to the position of Branch Manager you will realise how amazing and special his journey is. Mnyamezeli Mntaka started working for On the Dot as a runner for one of the contractors in Pietermaritzburg. He progressed, not long after that into a fully-fledged contractor himself where he was quickly noticed as an outstanding contractor.

After many years as one of Pietermaritzburg Depots top Q.C's he was then promoted to Head Q.C for the depot under the supervision of Gavin Boyes who started grooming him for bigger things.

Once the position of Branch Manager became available Mnyamezeli Mntaka was ready to take on the challenge and make the position his own. Mnyamezeli Mntaka is a great success story for On the Dot and one we can all be proud of.

The same day, after we had completed the Pietermaritzburg depot visit we headed off to the farmlands area of Dundee where we were to spend the night which was more than 400km away from the Pietermaritzburg Depot. It was such a special place in the middle of the farm lands in the KZN Midlands. It was truly a tranquil environment that had the power to make it feel as if you were in a completely different country.

The morning of Wednesday the 28th we started our 70Km journey to Newcastle. Upon our arrival we were met by Martiens Van Rensburg (Branch Manager) and Riaal Thulaseel (Branch coordinator) where with the help of Gerhard Maree we addressed the demos for the Newcastle Depot. Only one NU area was removed and approximately 2500 new households were added with the inclusion of eight new areas.

On a personal note:

The drive to Pongola was a memorable and special drive. Pongola is a very tropical region where it is constantly hot and humid which allows for the farms in that region to grow things like sugar cane. While driving around in Pongola and outlying areas, for as far as the eye can see it is all sugar cane. It is an area of immense beauty and wonderful wildlife.

After the depot visits of Newcastle we started the journey to Pongola where we were to spend two nights. The drive took over three hours to get to the Pongola area which was great until we got there, where we were met by unforgiving dirt roads.

The depot visit in Pongola went according to plan as Braham Botha (Branch Manager) and Wendy Bands (Branch coordinator) were both well prepared and ready for us to be able to address the demos for their region. The following changes were made to the Pongola Demos, 0 NU areas were removed and an estimated 4000 new households were added to our demos with the inclusion of 13 new areas.

I have to say that this trip was very enjoyable, I learnt a lot not only about the areas that are within the KZN region but also about farming as well as the communities in these areas. I would like to say a big thank you to Gerhard Maree and his team for being so well prepared and hospitable during the depot visits. And that wraps up the week in KZN,


Daniel De la Rey

18 Sep 2013 09:21


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