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In-store cart campaign to help fight colds and flu

Icon Media has secured an advertising contract with Bayer Consumer to promote its cold and flu fighter, Cal C Vita via branded shopping carts in select Checkers Hyper outlets nationally, spanning a fleet of 25 carts serving as in-store billboards. The two month campaign features bright orange creative applied to the imported racing car carts, which reads ‘Fight colds and flu this winter, Cal C Vita, cold and flu defence'. The trolleys provide unique brand reinforcement via a fun, colourful and impactful medium during the seasonal immune defence shopping experience. “Annually, Checkers Hypers' see 129,558,763 sale transactions taking place across just 25 stores. High foot counts through these major retail chains means high reach and frequency for advertisers whilst the mall owners receive the carts at no cost, and benefit from a significant portion of the media rental profits,” says Andrew Kramer, Icon Media MD.
Source: ActivRetail

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