23 May 2019Human Resources Governance and Compliance Conference 2019Johannesburg
27 May 2019Strategic management principlesPretoria
27 May 2019Short course in strategic management principlesPretoria
29 May 2019HR Analytics seminarJohannesburg
30 May 2019Soft Skills for First-Line ManagersPretoria
30 May 2019Psychology of Meaningful RetirementPretoria
3 Jun 2019Effective Risk ManagementPretoria
3 Jun 2019Management Development ProgrammePretoria
5 Jun 2019Supervisory management skillsPretoria
10 Jun 2019Process Management for Business OperationsPretoria
12 Jun 2019HR Business Partner ConferenceCape Town
19 Jun 2019Total quality managementPretoria
20 Jun 2019Strategic Talent Management Conference 2019Johannesburg
25 Jun 2019Workplace Skills Planning Conference 2019Johannesburg
26 Jun 2019Contracts and contractor management masterclass 2019Johannesburg
27 Jun 2019HR Metrics and AnalyticsCape Town
3 Jul 2019Process Modelling for Business OperationsPretoria
4 Jul 2019Effective people management skills 2019Johannesburg
5 Jul 2019Performance Management 2019Johannesburg
11 Jul 2019HR Metrics and AnalyticsJohannesburg
18 Jul 2019Fourth Annual Employment Equity Conference 2019Johannesburg
23 Jul 2019Skills Development Facilitator conference 2019Johannesburg
15 Aug 2019Recognition of prior learning masterclass 2019Johannesburg
21 Aug 2019HR Business Partner ConferenceDurban
26 Aug 2019Senior Management ProgrammePretoria
2 Sep 2019Business ManagementPretoria
16 Sep 2019Management Development ProgrammePretoria
23 Oct 2019Second Annual Graduate Employability Conference 2019Johannesburg
31 Oct 2019Soft Skills for First-Line ManagersPretoria
11 Nov 2019Strategic management principlesPretoria
11 Nov 2019Short course in strategic management principlesPretoria
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