18 Oct 2021Monitoring/Evaluation of Government Policies/Project/ProgrammesNairobi
18 Oct 2021Impact Assessment in Food/Nutrition Security Projects/ProgrammesAbuja
18 Oct 2021Effective Monitoring/Evaluation Techniques of Projects/Programmes in AgricultureAbuja
18 Oct 2021Innovative ways of promoting entrepreneurship and agribusiness developmentAbuja
18 Oct 2021Effective Monitoring/Evaluation Techniques of Projects/Programmes in AgricultureAbuja
18 Oct 2021Application of GIS/Remote Sensing in Effective Food/Nutrition Security ProgrammingNairobi
18 Oct 2021Advanced Statistical Analysis Using Statistical Package for Social SciencesNairobi
18 Oct 2021Data Analysis/Results interpretation/Presentation/ReportingNairobi
18 Oct 2021Discrete Choice modeling through theory and practiceNairobi
18 Oct 2021Effective Data Collection Management/VisualisationNairobi
18 Oct 2021Integrating Gender in Scientific Research to Enhance Adoption of TechnologiesNairobi
18 Oct 2021Longitudinal/Panel and Time Series Data Analysis using StataNairobi
18 Oct 2021Postgraduate Proposal/Thesis Development MentorshipNairobi
18 Oct 2021Statistical Data Analysis using Microsoft ExcelNairobi
18 Oct 2021Gender-Based Violence Online CourseNairobi
18 Oct 2021Training on Microsoft Excel Dynamic Dashboards for Efficient and Effective Management ReportingNairobi
18 Oct 2021Technical report writingOnline
18 Oct 2021Agricultural Training on Crop Biotechnology for Food Security and NutritionNairobi
18 Oct 2021Effective Use of Biopesticide for healthy and sustainable crop productionNairobi
18 Oct 2021Agriculture Training on Food security analysisNairobi
18 Oct 2021Training on Advanced Servers for ODKNairobi
18 Oct 2021Mentor Professional Development - Self-empowerment in a Community of PracticePretoria
20 Oct 2021ArchiMate 3 TrainingCape Town
20 Oct 2021Second Annual Africa Supply Chain in ActionOnline
20 Oct 2021GCC 2015Online
22 Oct 2021PSASA Midterm Convention 2021South Africa
25 Oct 2021TOGAF Level 1/2 TrainingCape Town, Johannesburg
25 Oct 2021Computerised Mapping/Spatial Data Analysis using ArcGIS DesktopAbuja
25 Oct 2021Sound financial management in development projects contextAbuja
25 Oct 2021Analysis of Complex Sample Survey Data using StataNairobi
25 Oct 2021Training on Mobile Data Collection Using EpiCollectNairobi
25 Oct 2021How Business Can Utilise Microsoft Excel Skills for Business Accounting and AnalysisNairobi
25 Oct 2021Training on Feeds formulation and milling technology for increased milk quantity and qualityNairobi
25 Oct 2021Teacher Development through Lesson Study: Theory and PracticePretoria
25 Oct 2021Transformational Leadership and Governance CourseNairobi
25 Oct 2021Inventory and Stock Control Management CourseNairobi
25 Oct 2021Infor Sun Accounting System Training CourseNairobi
25 Oct 2021Grant Management Training CourseNairobi
25 Oct 2021Financial Management for NGOs using QuickBooksNairobi
25 Oct 2021Advanced Cash Flow and Working Capital Management CourseNairobi
25 Oct 2021Accounts Receivable Management and Development of Credit Policies CourseNairobi
25 Oct 2021Corporate Communications and Public Relations CourseNairobi
26 Oct 2021Project risk management - Live online training courseOnline
1 Nov 2021Enabling Smallholder Farmers in Producers Groups to Conform to Sanitary/Phytosanitary MeasuresAbuja
1 Nov 2021GIS and remote sensing in conservancy and wildlife managementNairobi
1 Nov 2021GIS for natural resource management trainingNairobi
1 Nov 2021GIS data collection, management, analysis, visualisation and mapping trainingNairobi
1 Nov 2021Training course on GIS for disaster risk managementNairobi
1 Nov 2021Advanced Web Based Mapping Applications using Open Source GIS Tools CourseNairobi
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