Lili Nupen, director, Nupen Staude de Vries
#WomensMonth: Mining legal eagle Lili Nupen loves a challenge

Lili Nupen, director of Nupen Staude de Vries, has extensive experience in the environmental and mining legal regulatory arena...

Nicci BothaBy Nicci Botha 24 Aug 2021

Source: suppled
No need to lament about the oil discovery in Namibia's Kavango Basin

Six months ago, Canadian oil and gas company ReconAfrica, began exploratory drilling in the deep Kavango Basin of northeast Namibia and into northwest Botswana.

NJ AyukBy NJ Ayuk 6 Aug 2021

Katlego Letsoalo, monitoring and evaluation specialist, Safety and Sustainable Development Department, Minerals Council South Africa. Image: Mining Indaba
#YouthMatters: The mining industry needs more young leaders, says the Minerals Council's Katlego Letsoalo

Katlego Letsoalo is a rising talent in the South African mining industry, and he would like to see is more young people playing a role in the future direction of the sector....

Nicci BothaBy Nicci Botha 15 Jun 2021

Image source: Getty/Gallo
Ramaphosa lifts embedded generation threshold to 100MW

President Cyril Ramaphosa's surprise announcement that the embedded generation threshold from 1MW to 100MW, as the country reels from stage 3 and 4 loadshedding, is a major step...

Nicci BothaBy Nicci Botha 10 Jun 2021

NJ Ayuk, Africa Energy Chamber executive chairman
Net zero? Not for Africa. Not yet.

On May 18, 2021, the IEA released Net Zero by 2050: A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector,"which outlines plans for the global energy sector to reach "net zero" greenhouse gas emissions by 2050...

NJ AyukBy NJ Ayuk 28 May 2021

NJ Ayuk, executive chairman, African Energy Chamber
Greenpeace and Western anti-Africa energy groups take the wrong approach

If someone were to put me on the spot and ask me to name an environmentalist group, I'd probably blurt out the first thing that comes to mind, Greenpeace...

NJ AyukBy NJ Ayuk 19 Apr 2021

Francesco La Camera, DG, Irena
#EnergyIndaba: Private investment critical to meet Africa's energy needs

Africa has the potential to harvest 1,000 times more than the continent's projected demands for electricity in 2040 from renewable sources...

Nicci BothaBy Nicci Botha 2 Mar 2021

#EnergyIndaba: Radically different approach needed to power Africa
#EnergyIndaba: Radically different approach needed to power Africa

If the continent dealt with its access to electricity challenge with the same gusto it is applying to fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, the problem would already be solved...

Nicci BothaBy Nicci Botha 1 Mar 2021

Angola's focus on local content in oil & gas sector
Angola's focus on local content in oil & gas sector

For decades, many of Africa's oil- and gas-producing states followed a predictable pattern. They treated their oil and gas primarily as raw materials that could be sold abroad for a quick profit...

NJ AyukBy NJ Ayuk 12 Jan 2021

Gaopalelwe Santswere, executive chairperson, South African Young Nuclear Professionals Society
#BizTrends2021: The future of SA's energy mix

South Africa relies on coal-fired power stations to produce approximately 90% of its electricity. Moving forward, the country's aim should be to reduce this percentage, with a move to greater use of renewable energy sources...

Gaopalelwe SantswereBy Gaopalelwe Santswere 7 Jan 2021

Maersk Voyager, deepwater drip ship. Photo supplied
Oil & gas activities trigger big investments in Namibia, Angola and South Africa

Last spring, the Maersk Voyager, an ultra-deepwater drillship under contract by French supermajor Total, sank a wildcat well to a depth of 3,628 metres (11,903 feet) in Block 48...

NJ AyukBy NJ Ayuk 24 Nov 2020

Energy resources can spark Africa's economic growth
Energy resources can spark Africa's economic growth

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, not all of the economic news in Africa has been negative. We continue to see promising developments...

NJ AyukBy NJ Ayuk 4 Nov 2020

De Ruyter's plan to fix Eskom - part 2
De Ruyter's plan to fix Eskom - part 2

Business should support the just energy transition as it could be the pivot to drive new industrial activity in South Africa, André de Ruyter . Eskom CEO, told The Directors' Event webinar.

Nicci BothaBy Nicci Botha 22 Oct 2020

Andre de Ruyter, CEO, Eskom
De Ruyter's plan to fix Eskom - part 1

Ten months into the job, Eskom's newish boss, André de Ruyter, jokes that he is a veteran compared to the longevity of CEOs past. And nobody envies him the task of putting a debt-ridden, plundered and neglected business back together again...

Nicci BothaBy Nicci Botha 21 Oct 2020

Lamberto Dai Pra', head, Africa, Asia and Oceania, Enel Green Power
Reskilling is essential for a just energy transition

The energy transition process that will lead us to shift from fossil fuel-based generation to a renewable one started several years ago, and is one that will require new jobs and new skills, as traditional power plants that are reaching their end of...

Nicci BothaBy Nicci Botha 12 Oct 2020

NJ Ayuk, executive chairman, African Energy Chamber
LNG projects could transform Mozambique - if Western environmentalists don't interfere

When Anadarko Petroleum Corp. confirmed last year it would be constructing a $20bn liquified natural gas (LNG) plant in Mozambique, this was major news...

NJ AyukBy NJ Ayuk 21 Sep 2020

Topollo Mohlotsane
#WomensMonth: Costs and climate change response enhance growth in RE space

With the decreasing costs of the renewable energy technologies, the industry is growing at an rapid rate and these technologies are of late considered the least-cost option in the power sector....

Nicci BothaBy Nicci Botha 20 Aug 2020

Linda Mashiri
#WomensMonth: Women have to prove themselves in the engineering field, says Linda Mashiri

The world is going green. Solar energy is now the way to go for affordable electricity and even those without access to the utility grid, says Linda Mashiri, a solar design engineer at IMPower.

Nicci BothaBy Nicci Botha 17 Aug 2020

IPP refinancing project underway to stimulate economy
IPP refinancing project underway to stimulate economy

The Independent Power Producers Office (IPPO) in the Department of Minerals of Mineral Resources and Energy has launched a refinancing initiative for operational independent power producers (IPPs) aimed at stimulating economic growth...

Nicci BothaBy Nicci Botha 15 Jul 2020

Post-Covid-19: Delivering sustainable energy across Africa
Post-Covid-19: Delivering sustainable energy across Africa

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the operating environment for both the public and private sectors as a result of the unprecedented lockdowns and restrictions put in place by countries to curb infections...

Siyabonga MbanjwaBy Siyabonga Mbanjwa 30 Jun 2020

NJ Ayuk
Don't dismiss Africa's voice in the energy debate

As African oil and gas countries struggle with Covid-19's devastating impact on demand, two international groups seem to be celebrating it...

NJ AyukBy NJ Ayuk 24 Jun 2020

Modise Sikhosana
#StartupStories: Breaking through invisible barriers in the mining space

After years in the fast-paced world of IT, Modise Sikhosana decided he needed more stability, so he and his wife started Yonke Konke in 2015, which supplies road safety and traffic control equipment, tools and general industrial supplies to the...

Nicci BothaBy Nicci Botha 18 Jun 2020

Renewables are here to stay and grow
Renewables are here to stay and grow

According to the International Energy Agency, 72% of all installed power capacity globally in 2019 originated from renewable energy, and it expects it to grow in 2020, despite the pandemic...

Nicci BothaBy Nicci Botha 1 Jun 2020

Tom Alweendo, Namibia’s minister of mines and energy.
Namibia's plans for greater energy security

To improve its energy security, Namibia is planning to grow its upstream industry by reviewing its policies in a bid to court private sector investors...

Nicci BothaBy Nicci Botha 18 May 2020

How should policy support energy transition in a post-Covid Africa?
How should policy support energy transition in a post-Covid Africa?

Regulatory support is one of the key enabling factors for energy transition because it is what stimulates the appetite of the investors coming into the country...

Nicci BothaBy Nicci Botha 15 May 2020

Dr Angela Wilkinson, secretary general of the World Energy Council
Are we heading for a modern jazz, unfinished symphony or hard rock energy transition?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution with energy transition, but we also don't need to reinvent the wheel every time, says Dr Angela Wilkinson, the World Energy Council (WEC) secretary general and CEO...

Nicci BothaBy Nicci Botha 9 Mar 2020

Source: Mercom India
#energyindaba: eSwatini works on energy independence

The tiny Kingdom of eSwatini has developed a comprehensive long-term energy master plan based on renewable energy to reduce its dependency on its neighbours for its electricity supply...

Nicci BothaBy Nicci Botha 5 Mar 2020

Kandeh Yumkellah
#energyindaba: Africa's energy transition must focus on fairness, wealth creation, jobs

Africa has the will to transition to more sustainable energy, but the emphasis must be on a just process...

Nicci BothaBy Nicci Botha 5 Mar 2020

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